The Fowler family business

The Fowler family business

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White Death (Alexander Hawke Series, Book 8.5)

No Time to Wave Goodbye: A Novel

The Sweetness of Forgetting

The Nightwatchman's Occurrence Book: And Other Comic Inventions

El mal de Portnoy











Very droll. And she was a bit of an elbow bender that totty.’ ‘Jane Hare,’ said Henry. ‘Jane Hare – that’s the one. Shall I tug your root Mr Glade … Terrible way to go.’ Verdon Meckiffs voice nearly broke with the sincerity of his funeral-directorial concern. ‘Doesn’t bear thinking of.’ ‘I suppose you could say he went doing what he loved.’ Buggering boys? No. Freddie Glade died crimping the topiary poodle that was his pride, his joy, his trademark – he had it on his letterhead. It’s the

a Capstan-strength forefinger to the handset and repeated: ‘If that’s the best ETA … if that’s the best you can do … if that’s your ETA we’re looking at a log-jam – it’s going to be Piccadi—they what? … Right you are then … Okey-dokey.’ He put down the phone, flicked at his collar and its icing of seborrhoea, the dandruff with the larger flake, rubbed his hands to say chilly, twirled a tuft of hair protruding from his phone ear, dimped a butt from his great wheel of an ashtray and said: ‘No

mother’s proud day and repining at this betrayal of her sacred garment. He was ashamed that the eyes he cast over the figure in the dress in the stale, dead bedroom were the eyes of a man observing a woman. Such eyes consume dance, and dance is the precursor of love. Henry was worried by himself. He feared too that she might detect his mute fascination, that his intentions might be misunderstood by Jane. The bitch was slumped against a pile of blankets, moistening them with her viscous slobber,

with them anyway – it’s just that “Teresa” … It’s about Stanley. That’s what it’s about.’ And Henry Fowler hangs his head. ‘Teresa’, written by Doug Truss, Joe Meek and Mike Penny, was recorded by Joe Meek at his makeshift studio above Messrs Kaplan’s handbag-and-suitcase shop at 417 Holloway Road N7 in June 1961. Roger Laverne (né Jackson) and Heinz (Burt) played organ and bass. The record’s release on the Top Rank label was delayed because of Truss’s (Bobby Camino’s) contractual obligations to

character.’ He had performed ‘this funny bow, old-fashioned, sort of like in the olden days if you follow my meaning’. His friend, whom she knew only by sight, had merely nodded curtly and looked ostentatiously at his watch whilst she talked briefly to Stanley about a party they might both attend that night. She had been surprised not to see Stanley there because he had asked twice whether Melodie Jones would be going. ‘He was very direct. He wasn’t shy.’ Of course he wasn’t. He was a one, a

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