Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters

Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters

Marilyn Monroe

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0374533784

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fragments is an event―an unforgettable book that will redefine one of the greatest icons of the twentieth century and that, nearly fifty years after her death, will definitively reveal Marilyn Monroe's humanity.

Marilyn's image is so universal that we can't help but believe we know all there is to know of her. Every word and gesture made headlines and garnered controversy. Her serious gifts as an actor were sometimes eclipsed by her notoriety―and by the way the camera fell helplessly in love with her.

Beyond the headlines―and the too-familiar stories of heartbreak and desolation―was a woman far more curious, searching, witty, and hopeful than the one the world got to know. Now, for the first time, readers can meet the private Marilyn and understand her in a way we never have before. Fragments is an unprecedented collection of written artifacts―notes to herself, letters, even poems―in Marilyn's own handwriting, never before published, along with rarely seen intimate photos.

Jotted in notebooks, typed on paper, or written on hotel letterhead, these texts reveal a woman who loved deeply and strove to perfect her craft. They show a Marilyn Monroe unsparing in her analysis of her own life, but also playful, funny, and impossibly charming. The easy grace and deceptive lightness that made her performances indelible emerge on the page, as does the simmering tragedy that made her last appearances so affecting.

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can—I’ll be miserable enough as It Is. Words—Find out their meanings Wanderjahre—pertaining somehow to the word Entsagung—(what does that mean to)? does It mean sacrifice. à trois does It mean like—probation Notes: The names in this address book, especially that of Milton Greene, would seem to indicate that it was bought in New York in 1955. Harold Clurman, theater director and drama critic, was one of the three founders of Group Theatre in New York in 1931 (along with Lee

shifted to anguish and despair. What would happen if she lost her concentration, the only thing that kept an actor from suicide, to repeat Lee Strasberg’s striking phrase? In February 1961, Marilyn thought she was checking into the hospital for a rest cure but instead found herself confined to a psychiatric cell at Payne Whitney in New York. Her friends couldn’t respond to her cry for help, as, legally speaking, they weren’t family members (Joe DiMaggio, whom she had divorced in 1954, would

finally rescue her from this nightmare). In any case, Marilyn proved single-minded. Prompted by her sense of having escaped from quicksand, in a resolute letter to Lee Strasberg dated December 19, 1961, she laid out her plan for a new independent production company, which would make sense to her only if Lee were associated with it. To the very end, she wanted to be free of the studios, but this time she wanted to challenge them on their turf, in Hollywood. Oh yes Mr. Oxley Is always

brothers, for their strength and youth and idealism. She also looked up to Carl Sandburg for his poetry, so sympathetic to the common man, as well as Greta Garbo, the other myth. A horrified vision of the H-bomb, support for all manner of persecuted people, a considered defense of psychoanalysis: the glamorous blonde was certainly no reactionary. From her reference to Payne Whitney (where she had been confined for five days in February 1961) and from the books that the photographer George Barris,

about yesterday downIn the streets? It now seems so far away up here long ago and moon so full and dark. It’s better I learned they told me as a child what It was for I could not guess It or understand It now. Noises from of Impatience from cab drivers always driving who must drive—hot, dusty, snowing icy streets so they can eat, and perhaps save for a vacation, In which they will can drive their wives all the way across the country to see her relatives. Then the river—the part made of

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