Freedom's Sisters (Dead Rivers Trilogy, Book 3)

Freedom's Sisters (Dead Rivers Trilogy, Book 3)

Naomi Kritzer

Language: English

Pages: 220

ISBN: 0553586750

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With a magical gift for bringing sorcery to vivid life, acclaimed author Naomi Kritzer continues the suspenseful tale of Lauria and Tamar, sisters-in-arms bonded by blood–and torn apart by their enemies....

As a freeborn servant of the Greeks, Lauria once hunted escaped slaves. But as her loyalties shifted, she found herself freeing those she once captured–and loving those she once mistrusted–like Tamar, of the bandit Alashi tribe. Tamar is now Lauria’s blood-sister. But the powerful Greek sorceresses, the Sisterhood of Weavers, do not take treason lightly…especially when the traitor has liberated the djinni who serve them.

Soon Lauria is imprisoned. Desperate, Tamar pleads her case to the Alashi, who send her to sow discord among the Sisterhood. As Tamar searches for Lauria both in reality and in the dreamlike realm known as the borderland, Lauria must trust the magic within to fulfill a wish both desired and feared: freedom for all....

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link to her mother. No, Xanthe is nothing but an obstacle; shed her as soon as possible. Kill her! She’s the only thing holding me here. No, I can’t kill her. She’s Janiya’s daughter. I could never face Janiya again… My mother checked the kettle; there was water, but no tea. Just the plums. She sighed deeply and took some of the plain water. The cave was warm and stuffy, and smelled like the canal. “Why did you save me?” I asked Xanthe. Xanthe had been staring at the shaft of light that

method of execution is…most unpleasant.” I shuddered. But I knew that they must want something from us, or we’d already be dead. “However, I have the power to grant you a reprieve,” she said. “Should you hand over all your soul-stone, immediately, I will arrange for your punishment to be lightened significantly.” “Lightened to what?” I asked. “It doesn’t matter,” Alibek said. “We have nothing. You can search us and search our room—in fact, I’m sure you already have. You won’t find anything.”

after all. She’s dead. CHAPTER FOURTEEN LAURIA I learned to swim as a child, splashing in the river one spring as the floods ebbed. When I was fourteen, Kyros decided that he wanted me to become a better swimmer. So I practiced. One of his other servants taught me better form. I learned how to hold my breath and swim underwater, how to swim while carrying a burden, how to rescue someone in the water who didn’t know how to swim. When I was ready, Kyros tested me by having me swim across a lake.

kind. You were their tool. Don’t let that happen again.” Lauria turned away. “Alibek, have your djinn hold her here for a quarter of an hour, without letting her call out. Then have it let her go. Her weight would slow us down, and I don’t have the stomach to kill Janiya’s daughter.” We went back up to the palanquin. It was even more crowded now with Kyros, but at least we had more djinni to carry us. I wondered what happened to the rogue djinn who showed us where Kyros was—it had disappeared.

“What would you have me do? We could abandon the palanquin and go on foot…” “I think we need to take care of the spell-chain now,” Alibek said. “We have it. We can break the rocks and free the river, and no one will be able to put it back together.” “That’s not true,” Zivar said. “We can free the river, but the Sisterhood can just bind it back up again.” Lauria stirred, but said nothing. “Kyros is asleep now,” I said. “Lauria? You used to say that you wanted to free the river.” I thought about

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