Goblins in the Castle (Minstrel Book)

Goblins in the Castle (Minstrel Book)

Bruce Coville

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0671727117

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Discover this “shivery treat” (Booklist), a funny, fantastical adventure from the bestselling author of My Teacher Is an Alien and the upcoming Diary of a Mad Brownie.

Toad-in-a-Cage Castle was filled with secrets. Secrets such as the hidden passages that led to every room, the long stairway that wound down to the dungeon, and the weird creature named Igor who lived there. But it was the mysterious night noises that bothered William the most—the strange moans that drifted through the halls of the castle where he was raised. He wanted to know what caused them.

Then one night, he found out…

Geist (Book of the Order, Book 1)

Blood Brothers of Gor (Gorean Saga, Book 18)

A March of Kings (The Sorcerer's Ring, Book 2)

Shard Knight (Echoes Across Time, Book 1)



















with the help of a powerful wizard, he managed to lock them away." She shook her head, and her eyes looked pained. '*A great gloom fell over the land. At first no one realized what had happened, for much of the good the goblins did was done in secret usually at night, which was the time they liked best. But somehow the houses were never as neat, the gardens never as productive, the children never as safe as they had been. This was once a land of plenty. Now the village limps along, growing

break- ing our nails and bloodying our fingers convinced us there was no possibility of returning the way we had come. 'This is your fault," said Fauna to Herky. "We should have left you here to rot." *'Girl mean," said Herky. But he said it without much spirit. we we decided to go forward though I had some concern about whether we might be walking into a goblin trap. Holding the amulet aloft, I led the way past Herky 's Since — couldn't go back, 104 — GOBLINS IN THE CASTLE

The path grew narrower a foot wide, then less. Every step became a matter of life and death. I felt like I was walking along the edge of a giant razor. And still thought could hear footsteps behind us. We began to grow tired again, but there was no place to rest. More than once I stumbled in my exhaustion. The path stopped at a sheer wall. For a terrifying moment I thought we were blocked, that after all this we would have to turn around and go back. But when I lifted the amulet a little higher

and pulled myself forward. ''Hiya!" said Herky, sticking his face into mine. Then he thrust out his longer fingers and messed up my hair. ''Herky!" I yelled, ''don't do that!" "William mad?" he asked, sounding hurt. "Just nervous. How much further do I have to go?" "Herky go check," he said, turning and moving easily through the tiny space that was giving me such trouble. He come didn't "Herky?" No I back. called. answer. ''Herky?'' No answer. "He's probably playing some kind of

"Who needs to be afraid of Granny Pinchbottom when you have Hulda to keep you in Hne?" Then he had tugged a strand of my butter-yellow hair and said, "Now scat! 1 have work to **Not that I do." That was what he always did when he wanted to get rid of me. thought about it every day, nearly a week passed before I made another visit to Igor. It was the Though I prompted me to descend the five hundred steps again. They were growing louder, and I was finding it harder and harder to sleep. It

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