Green Eyed Monster

Green Eyed Monster

Gill McKnight

Language: English

Pages: 241


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There is a lot more to kidnapping than financial analyst Mickey Rapowski ever imagined. Mickey has a chip on her shoulder—she’s been cheated out of a small fortune by corporate giant Victoria Gresham. In an irrational attempt at revenge, Mickey kidnaps Gresham’s girlfriend, Ginette Felstrom. A straightforward and effective plan—except Ginette is the worst captive ever and no one wants to pay her ransom. Out of her depth as every one of her well-laid plans spins totally out of control, Mickey becomes the victim of reverse Stockholm Syndrome and falls head over heels for her captive. How could something so simple go so wrong? Or is that…right?

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or creepy or anything. I mean, credit where it’s due. She had me running around those woods popping off my pistol so she could drag you out of that furnace. So don’t tell me I misjudged the character of the woman I chose to con us out of millions.” Victoria fell silent. She was still struggling to process the behavior of her supposed malefactor. To defraud her, then escape, and then U-turn to save her from a fiery death trap? It told her something. There were clues buried in the actions, motives

Victoria’s money. They could be on that little black powerboat and bouncing all the way back to the hotel in a few minutes if Ginette worked it right. She knew Ginette had the smarts to see it, too. Okay, so they were forcing BJ’s hand. She could either keep playing it straight and surrender up Mickey, or she could turn that gun on them. But they had to force BJ to play her hand before whomever she waited for arrived. As she gazed squarely at Ginette, her mind screamed, Mickey is the money pot.

swapped glances with Ginette. “He’s also our informant. Rudy’s the guy who sold Ginette all the details of your movements before we came down here.” “Told ya. Scumball,” Mickey said. “I was making inquiries all over the place trying to trace her.” Ginette pointed accusingly at Mickey. “He must have figured his new boss was the tax evader Victoria Gresham using an alias. Half the underworld knew FinCEN were after her when her money went whizzing round the globe so openly.” She shrugged away the

locks. She smiled contentedly. Overall, it had been a good day. She had seen Carmelo and his amigos hauled away as a rescue quickly became an arrest. The narcotics found on his boat putting him in cuffs. BJ smiled at the memory. What a chump! He was so intent on coming after her and the rich American, in his greed Carmelo hadn’t even bothered to offload Rudy’s cargo. Never before had BJ been so happy not to be mixed up with her uncle’s other businesses. This kidnapping fiasco had been the

short silence. The expletive seemed to jar Mickey before she continued. “She isn’t answering my e-mails. You two are getting along, aren’t you?” “Your e-mails?” “Yeah, I have her private e-mail address, and I’ve been sending my demands directly to her, but she’s ignoring me. Something ain’t right.” A deep, pained sigh followed. “How well were you two getting along before I kidnapped you?” “Wait. You’re sending e-mails as ransom demands? How the hell can you make sure they’re not traceable?

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