Gypsy Jane: I've Been Shot Four Times and Served Three Prison Terms. This is the incredible Story of My Life in London's Criminal Underworld

Gypsy Jane: I've Been Shot Four Times and Served Three Prison Terms. This is the incredible Story of My Life in London's Criminal Underworld

Jane Lee, Dave Jarvis

Language: English

Pages: 140

ISBN: 2:00333756

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With the reputation as the hardest and most dangerous female criminal in Britain, Gypsy Jane Lee was feared and respected throughout London's criminal underworld. This is her true story. During a terrifying journey that began as a 14-year-old armed robber, she has been shot four times, tasered three times by police and served three jail terms.

Convicted for armed robbery she was released from prison only to go out and attempt to murder four people. Gypsy Jane has led a life packed with crime, betrayal, drugs and murder but she classes herself as a woman of principles: she values loyalty and honour, and has only ever wanted a 'normal' life.

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talk about what their husbands are planning to do to me.’ Now I knew why the pub was taped off and I was not amused by these fucking coke dealers. Another bunch of Essex boys. Well – they were actually men and my boy and his mates were kids. John was still only 16 and these men were in there 30s. I could have done without this grief on a day out of prison but it was my boy and it needed sorting. ‘Don’t worry,’ I told John, and I went to dig up my guns. They were well hidden somewhere nearby.

things can change through no fault of your own. Oh, how I wanted to do him but I just walked out of the place that day because I knew I would have ended up back in prison for killing this man if I hadn’t left there and then. He didn’t call the police and I never went back to work there. I was so gutted and, when I got home, it was hard to hold back the tears. I didn’t feel like that because of the money or the manager but because of how hard I was trying. I had put in eight months’ work for

about her again. She’s safe now.’ My dad replied, ‘I’ve never had to worry about my Janie, Frank. And now you’re with her, it’s you who is safe.’ And, before I could stop him, he added, ‘She will protect you from anyone… well, except Matt. I’m not sure on that score, son.’ Frank asked, ‘Who’s this Matt?’ I said, ‘No one,’ but Dad had already planted the seed. I took Frank to one side and told him that Matt was my ex and a very powerful man. I told him not to worry and I gave my word of honour

Matt would never harm him. Well, Frank gave it the gangster bit that he would do Matt if he came for him but my dad and I just exchanged a knowing glance. Matt could deal with Frank, even if he had one hand tied behind his back and was blindfolded. By now my dad had realised he shouldn’t have mentioned Matt’s name. Apart from that incident, the party went well. But I knew I had some explaining to do when we got home. I told Frank all about my relationship with Matt. But Frank just gave it the

accepted it like the man he was but I could see his heart was breaking with sorrow. Even though he asked a lot of questions, I told him that was all he needed to know. How it hurt me to do this to my boy but I had to. I started telling everyone I’d only got a month to live. I told some people in the world of villains what it was all about but not everyone because I was out to commit murder. Those I let in on it could be trusted. I told them Bob and Toni had done me wrong and I was going to kill

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