Health: The Basics (10th Edition)

Health: The Basics (10th Edition)

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 0321774345

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Health starts here!


With an emphasis on media, the new Health: The Basics, Tenth Edition features robust relatable content, bringing health topics to life and keeping you hooked on learning and living well.


Now enhanced with an even more comprehensive package of easy-to-use media and supplements, this edition makes teaching and learning personal health extra dynamic. The Tenth Edition includes new ABC News videos, more online worksheets, new course management and eText options, Tweet Your Health, new student “behavior change video log (vlog)” videos, countless new teacher supplements, and more. These resources bring personal health to life in any form–in the classroom, online, or on the iPad. These tools all motivate students to be more interested in the book content and invest in their health.  


The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women: Exploding the Estrogen Myth

What to Eat: The Ten Things You Really Need to Know to Eat Well and Be Healthy

Living Safely, Aging Well: A Guide to Preventing Injuries at Home

L'autosanté: Vers une médecine réflexive

The Women's Health Diet: 27 Days to Sculpted Abs, Hotter Curves & a Sexier, Healthier You!





















Research on Women s Use of Violence with Male Intimate Partners, Violence and Victims 23, no. 3 (2008): 301 14; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center For a woman who gets caught in this cycle, it is o ten very hard to summon the resolve to extricate hersel . Most need e ective outside intervention. Causes of Domestic Violence and IPV There is no single reason to explain abuse in relationships. Alcohol abuse is o ten associated with such violence, and marital dissatisaction

constitutes a common-law marriage or purposes o purchasing real estate and sharing other fnancial obligations. Over the past 20 years, there has been a large increase in the number o persons who have ever cohabited. In act, cohabitation is increasingly the frst coresidential partnership ormed chAPTer 5 | BuilDing heAlThy relATionshiPs AnD unDersTAnDing sexuAliTy | 145 by young adults.24 Cohabitation can serve as a prelude to marriage, but or some people it is an alternative to marriage.

to them at a party and strike up a conversation, with the intention o asking them out on a date. 4. One o your riends asks you to let How Did You Do? her look at your class assignment because she hasn t had time to do hers. You know that she skips class regularly and seems to never do her own work, so you politely tell her no. The higher your score on the above scenarios (the more 5s you have), the more likely it is that you are a direct and clear communicator. Are there areas that you rated

or Foodborne Illness 291 Finding the Fun in Healthy Eating and Exercise 308 Tips or Sensible Snacking 312 Keys to Success ul Weight Management 316 Tips or Gaining Weight 319 Ten Steps to a Positive Body Image 330 Plan It, Start It, Stick With It! 348 What to Do in the Event o a Heart Attack 369 Stroke Warning Signs 370 Six Steps to Begin Reducing Your Risk or Diabetes 403 Tips on Ensuring a Strong Immune System 411 What You Can Do to Avoid Catching or Spreading the Flu 422 Sa e Is Sexy 425

ancillary materials designed to enhance learning and to acilitate teaching. Student Supplements MyHealthLab ( MyHealthLab is organized by learning areas. Read It houses the Pearson eText, with which users can create notes, highlight text in di erent colors, create bookmarks, zoom, click hyperlinked words or de nitions, and change page view. Pearson eText also links to associated media les. See It includes more than 60 ABC News videos on important health

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