Heaven's Net is Wide (Tales of the Otori)

Heaven's Net is Wide (Tales of the Otori)

Lian Hearn

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 1594483329

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The new beginning and the grand finale of Lian Hearn's celebrated Tales of the Otori is "rivetingly elegant" (Washington Post). Don't miss the related series, The Tale of Shikanoko.

Heaven's Net Is Wide is the prequel that reveals the full story of Lord Otori Shigeru—the figure who has presided in both life and death over the entire series, the man who represents the true spirit of the Otori Clan. The first and the last tale, it introduces readers to the strange and beautiful world of the Otori and closes the circle where it opened in Across the Nightingale Floor. Set in a mythical, medieval Japan, this epic historical fantasy of revenge and betrayal, honor and loyalty, beauty, passion, and the overwhelming power of love, has enthralled millions of readers the world over—and now, with the cycle complete, its audience will only continue to grow.

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he said, his voice muffled by rage. “When you can get the better of me, then you may choose whether to continue your training or not,” Shigeru replied. “Until that time, you obey me.” But he was thinking, We cannot go on like this; we will end up killing each other. Kahei offered to help Takeshi home. The brothers did not speak for several days; their mother was distraught at Takeshi’s bruises and displeased with Shigeru for causing them. Takeshi had improved in character while he had lived

you; you must not give in to him.” “This was also Lord Miyoshi’s opinion,” Shoichi said. “Sooner or later we will have to enter into a closer alliance with the Tohan,” Masahiro objected. “I would not advise it,” Shigeru said, trying to hide his anger. “But you know more about farming than statecraft, Lord Shigeru. And you are certainly more successful with your crops than you were on the battlefield.” Shoichi smiled lightly. “Let us make an agreement. Continue to confine yourself to your

mother. “I’m grateful to your son,” the man said, easing the pack from his back and setting it down on the step. “I was heading for the village called Hinode, but I’ve never been this way before. I was completely lost.” “No one ever comes here,” Shimon replied cautiously. The stranger looked around. A small crowd had gathered in front of the house; they stared with deep and undisguised interest but kept their distance. Shimon saw them suddenly through the other man’s eyes: their old, patched

faster,” Takeshi replied, looking affectionately at the gray with the black mane and tail. “Let’s race Raku and Kyu,” Shigeru said. “See if the new blood can beat the old.” Takeshi smiled and his eyes gleamed as he transferred bridle and saddle to Raku. It was the sort of challenge he loved. They rode to the end of the meadow and turned the horses. Takeshi counted down from five to one, and both horses sprang into a gallop, rejoicing in the loose rein and their riders’ shouts of encouragement.

Naizo’s neck twitching from the strain, his face contorted in a grin of fear and pity. The masons moved backward until they no longer stood on the bridge. Her father was alone on it—the only living thing, entombed in stone. The stone would never be removed. Her father was behind it in the dark. He would never see daylight again, never feel the spring breeze on his face or see the cherry blossom drift down onto the green waters of the river, never hear the river’s changing song as it ebbed and

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