Hiding from the Light

Hiding from the Light

Barbara Erskine

Language: English

Pages: 381

ISBN: B01K161Q64

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the three million copy bestselling author of Lady of Hay comes the big new novel by the bestselling author of WHISPERS IN THE SAND is a gripping tale of witchcraft and romance, past and present, as her modern-day characters are caught up in a battle that has been raging for hundreds of years. Across the peninsular the mist rolled in, its icy fingers curling up the cliffs. Inside their houses people stirred in their sleep and children cried in the dark. The parish of Manningtree and Mistley has a dark history. In 1644, with England in the grip of a Puritan government, Matthew Hopkins, Cromwell's Witchfinder General, tortured scores of women there, including Liza, the herbalist, whose cottage still stands in Mistley, and Sarah Paxman, the daughter of the manor. And today the spirits of Hopkins and his victims haunt the old shop in the High Street, they say. Emma Dickson has given up her high-flying career to live in Liza's cottage, but now she is being driven half-mad by visions of the past; of Sarah's battle to save herself and Liza from the Witchfinder. In despair, Emma turns to the local rector for help, but he, too, is in the grip of something inexplicable -- something which threatens Emma. And, as the feast of Halloween approaches, Emma is caught up in a struggle that has been raging for centuries, as old enemies reach out across the years for their revenge. Can she stop the forces unleashed from the past wreaking their devastation in the present?

The Rise of the Iron Moon (Jackelian, Book 3)

The Demon Princes (Demon Princes, Books 1-5 omnibus)

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Rampant (Killer Unicorns, Book 1)

The White-Luck Warrior

















chest. He is quite cold.’ Her voice slid up hysterically. ‘I found him.’ ‘Christ!’ Mark bit his lip. She meant it. He had pulled the jacket out of the car, about to put it on. He had second thoughts and put it round Paula’s shoulders instead. ‘I can vouch for the fact that Lyndsey had completely lost it, but, whatever has happened, you shouldn’t have done this.’ ‘I had to.’ She shook her head weakly. ‘I had to. She had bewitched my children.’ The ambulance appeared, its blue light flashing.

movies. This was the best of what has been an intriguing series. It started well, but the ending let it down. I am still not sure I’m convinced.’ Sun ‘Cracking stuff. Mark Edmunds’s ghosties really got me by the ghoulies!’ The Times ‘Mark Edmunds always produces thoughtful, watchable programmes, well researched and beautifully filmed. Last night’s, however, tipped over into the sensational and I felt he lost his usual dispassionate objectivity. He demanded too much credulity

was still staring out of the window. She was no longer hearing him, her eyes fixed on the hedge beyond the lawn. ‘I have to help Liza somehow. I have to … I have to …’ Sarah’s voice echoed in Emma’s head as the dream lightened and dissipated into fragmented sounds and pictures and finally disappeared. When she woke in the early dawn light she was conscious only of a feeling of deep unease. The cats were no longer in the room. 23 Monday October 5th, London ‘Take a look, Mark.’ Joe

right as he did so. She had dumped her parcels from the car in the middle of the floor in there. ‘It’s in here.’ She led the way down the passage. ‘I’m redoing the kitchen completely but there’s a lovely old dresser in here I want to keep. The doors are falling off and each time I come home I find my cats have levered them open. Look!’ They stood surveying the doors in question. Both hung open, dramatically held on by huge old rusty hinges. Alex bent to scratch Min under her left ear. ‘What a

Master Hopkins, is that she was my nurse as I am sure you know and she is still my friend. She has no dealings with the Devil, if that is what you claim, and you, mistress,’ she turned to Mary Phillips, ‘know that full well as you have worked together in delivering children all over this very parish!’ ‘I should be careful of defending her too passionately, Mistress Paxman.’ Hopkins was indeed writing down her name. He dipped the nib in the ink pot and underlined the words twice. ‘We might be

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