Hitler's Valkyrie: The Uncensored Biography of Unity Mitford

Hitler's Valkyrie: The Uncensored Biography of Unity Mitford

David R. L. Litchfield

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 075248575X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The first biography to reveal the full, intimate details of Unity Valkyrie Mitford's remarkable relationship with Adolf Hitler

The remarkable and much-loved Mitford family has remained largely unrepentant concerning theirs and particularly Unity's enthusiastic support of Hitler, the Nazis, Oswald Mosley, and British fascism. But having initially encouraged and supported Unity's affair with Hitler, they subsequently insisted that she had in fact been a rather unintelligent, clumsy lump of a girl, whose virginal relationship with one of the most terrifying dictators of all time was a mere unrequited, romantic obsession. As this book will show, nothing could be further from the truth. Following further research and re-examination of the family's, friends', and journalists' often contradictory evidence, plus new information supplied by the author's own family and friends, readers will find that while Unity was, like Hitler, an extreme fantasist, there was in fact little of the juvenile romantic about her, and that she was, on the contrary, highly intelligent, free-spirited, and athletic. She was also the only Englishwoman who came close to being capable of changing the course of World War II.

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sylvan joy’. In early summer, Swinbrook resembles a Rousseau-like green jungle through which the most beautiful Windrush trout stream runs; the heavy flow of the deep stream swirling the green river grass, like Ophelia’s hair. The picturesque Swan Inn and cottage stands next to the stream. Inside are large, sepia pictures of the Mitfords indulging in various rural activities in the company of assuredly ‘devoted’ servants. A small sign reminds one that the inn is now the property of The Duchess

when they finally went to war, to be an indictment against not just the Germans, but the whole human race. He also failed to comprehend the wisdom of going to war to get rid of Hitler. ‘In order to get rid of an unpleasant lodger, it is not only foolish, but criminal to set fire to the boarding house. Other people live there.’ But both Hill and Howard were highly intelligent and extremely entertaining which doubtless says a great deal about Unity; for neither man would have wished to have spent

‘schuh-plattling’, vast women carrying pretzels and beer, a ship, a beerhouse, crowds of gay, laughing people, animals, a mixture of Luna Park and White Horse Inn. Old Heidelberg and the Trianon … Reinhardt could not have done it better. The music roared, the astonished guest wandered about. ‘There has never been anything like this since the days of Louis Quatorze’, someone remarked, ‘Not since the days of Nero’, I retorted, but actually it was more like the Fêtes of Claudius, but with the

complaining of others she considered quite unworthy of sharing his presence; including Lord and Lady Londonderry and their youngest daughter, who had apparently visited the Führer in the Reichskanzlei (Reich Chancellery). Hitler also admitted to having met Lord Beaverbrook, otherwise known as Max Aitken, which horrified Unity even more, though whether this was for social reasons, as she would doubtless have considered him both a ‘nouveau-rich colonial’ and ‘frightfully COM’, or because he

his papers and writing desk and they had found the picture of Bobo [Unity] and H [Hitler] and were in a state about it. The Mitford party did not seem particularly concerned by the incarceration of their host; no mention was ever made concerning the outcome of this charade, or of why the police or the army should suddenly become suspicious of a man who had already been flying a swastika flag over his house for some time. One can only assume that the Mitfords knew that poor Countess Almasy’s

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