Honour Among Men (Inspector Green, Book 5)

Honour Among Men (Inspector Green, Book 5)

Barbara Fradkin

Language: English

Pages: 218

ISBN: 2:00240468

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Inspector Green is coping with an office job, still eager to get back into the day-to-day fray of policing. His chance comes when an unidentified woman is drowned in the Ottawa River. In her possession is a Medal for Bravery from a peacekeeping mission. As Green and his team dig deeper into the military past, Green finds himself sucked not only into the murky past of a peacekeeping unit but into the high-stakes present of a federal election race. What crime was committed in Yugoslavia more than a decade ago? Is someone still killing to prevent that secret from coming to light? And does the diary of a dead soldier hold the key?

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Croats. Three days of guts and maggots and bodies so burned they fall apart when you try to get them in body bags, but not a single villager to save. They are gone. Hundreds. Where? Buried in mass graves? Carted away to hide the evidence of their slaughter? Yesterday all day long Reggie and I bagged bodies and lugged them down the mountain to HQ for autopsy. This morning at parade the captain told us we aren’t going home for another month because our replacement unit—called Operation Harmony,

dubiously. Despite their greying muzzles, they were still a handsome pair, with glistening copper coats and white paws. They paced in half-hearted circles around the car, with their teeth bared. “Well,” he ventured, “we didn’t drive all the way up here just to—” The front door flung back and a tall, gaunt man filled the doorway, arms crossed, glaring at them. Behind him, a woman peeked around his shoulder. Neither made any move to call off the dogs. “We could always split the dogs up,” McGrath

web of secrets. She clipped on her police belt, snatched up her coffee, and headed for the door. Back issues of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald were kept at the public library on Spring Garden Road, a few short blocks from the police station. The chip wagons were out in force along the street, and the air was laden with the smell of stale oil and vinegar. She had to dodge the buskers and the Tai Chi enthusiasts to get in the front door. Inside, a flash of her badge and a quick word sent the young

woman stepped back, and Sullivan seized the occasion to plough past her. With a perfunctory knock, he strode inside the office, waited for Leblanc to follow suit, and shut the door behind them. The man at the desk was on the phone. He swivelled around and stared at Sullivan through bewildered eyes. Obviously not too many got past Madame Neuss unannounced. Sullivan had the impression of blond good looks that had seen too much booze and fast times. His sandy hair was thinning, his cheeks were

was so loud.” Green’s mouth went dry. “Chain saw?” “He has one for the brush and trees. He always keeps such a beautiful garden. And he’s been helping all of us this spring, to clear out the deadwood, you know? Oh . . . God.” As much to keep his own wild imagination at bay as to keep the man focussed, Green stuck to the facts. “Did you see anything tonight?” “No, just shadows rushing in front of the blinds. As if a fight was going on.” “Do you know if there are firearms in the house?” There

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