Hope of Earth (Geodyssy, Vol. 3)

Hope of Earth (Geodyssy, Vol. 3)

Piers Anthony

Language: English

Pages: 640

ISBN: 0812571118

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Isle of Woman and Shame of Man, the firs two volumes of the monumental Geodyssey saga, bestselling author Piers Anthony chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of two remarkable families reborn again and again in some of the most turbulent eras of human history.

Now, with Hope of Earth, Anthony brings us a stirring epic that ranges from our ancient beginnings in Africa's Great Rift Valley to the windswept Andes a century from now, and includes some of history's most fascinating figures--the mysterious "Ice Man" of the Swiss Alps, the decadent King Herod, the British Warrior Queen Boudica, the Mongol Chieftan Tamurlane, and King Louis XIV of France.

Exciting, imaginative, and inspiring, Hope of Earth is the story of a group of heroic men and women, bound by ties of passion, honor, and blood, who struggle to transcend our violent past and forge and new and shinning future.

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meeting was in the nearby town, Camulodunum, the major settlement of the Trinovantes, where Lin was not well known. That helped. Because if she were recognized, she could be in trouble. The Romans governed the town, but a number of prominent Britons had reassured the officials that all was well, so they were not alert to the teal nature of the gathering. All known associates of the Romans were rigorously excluded, unless they had suitable credentials as true patriots of the land. It turned out

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visitors,” Marc said. Then he left. The man stood and came over to shake hands. “Bill. Does thee know CAD?” “Yes,” Ned said. “But not necessarily your particular program.” “It varies. How is thee on the Stirling engine?” “Archaic external combustion engine,” Ned said. “Intriguing, but it lost out to the internal combustion engine because of the problem with bearings and low mechanical efficiency.” “Suppose it could be hermetically sealed, with no external piston?” “That would solve one

round of mating, and the males liked her, she would be allowed to join the band as a member. Then she wouldn’t be beaten unless she refused to mate with a male who wanted to. That was how it was. But this time it was different. Flo was young, and she was his friend. She had not really strayed or left her band; she had been cut off from it by Sam’s bad fortune. She definitely had not sought to mate yet. He wished this hadn’t happened to her. He wished he could kill Bub. But all he could do was

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