Hope of Earth (Geodyssy, Vol. 3)

Hope of Earth (Geodyssy, Vol. 3)

Piers Anthony

Language: English

Pages: 640

ISBN: 0812571118

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Isle of Woman and Shame of Man, the firs two volumes of the monumental Geodyssey saga, bestselling author Piers Anthony chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of two remarkable families reborn again and again in some of the most turbulent eras of human history.

Now, with Hope of Earth, Anthony brings us a stirring epic that ranges from our ancient beginnings in Africa's Great Rift Valley to the windswept Andes a century from now, and includes some of history's most fascinating figures--the mysterious "Ice Man" of the Swiss Alps, the decadent King Herod, the British Warrior Queen Boudica, the Mongol Chieftan Tamurlane, and King Louis XIV of France.

Exciting, imaginative, and inspiring, Hope of Earth is the story of a group of heroic men and women, bound by ties of passion, honor, and blood, who struggle to transcend our violent past and forge and new and shinning future.

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much whether it is ape-primitive or contemporary English or future Spanish. Language itself is a defining characteristic of mankind, as we shall see, but in this sense, one language is about as good as another. What is true in reality is that all human beings are related, all descending from common ancestors and capable of interbreeding. The passions, fears, desires, and joys of all are similar, though there is much variation. So the family presented here is consistent in the human sense, and

long. He picked flowers on the slopes and scouted out a path suitable for women in skirts, that avoided normal paths. Soon he had an excellent route that would get them efficiently away from the fortress. And someone spied him. It was a lone boy, probably returning from an errand. It was just bad luck that their paths had crossed. The boy stared at him as they passed each other. “Bry?” Startled, he paused. He recognized that voice. “Lin!” “I thought it was you,” she said as they embraced.

remnants of the former Mongol khanate there, and the job couldn’t wait indefinitely. Now that he had protected his flank, he left Toqtamish with enough troops to uphold his pretense to the throne of the White Horde and gave him a fine horse. This was Kunk Oghlan, sired from Timur’s own stallion, and famous for his speed. Now that the Mongol prince was settled in, Idiku Berlas was settled too, and no longer needed Ned’s help in the field. So Ned was given leave to rejoin his family in Sabrán,

“Bub Green Feather band have pelts.” Ned felt a chill. Their band had encountered the Green Feather band once before, long ago, when they were traveling. Bub had raped Flo and then driven them away. But he did not reveal his recognition. He and Jes were unlikely to be recognized, because the episode had been brief, and the two of them had grown since then. So Bub might not want to trade, as a pelt was better than netting. It was where pelts were rare that net was useful. “No trade, Ned Jes go

she hadn’t had a good one. “So it’s worse in the port city?” “For sure. The ships are coming back with it too.” That did it They turned away, and returned disconsolately to their apartment in Athens. It was too late to go back to work, but they would do so the next day. Crockson’s generous gesture had not helped them after all. “I don’t want to catch the plague,” Wona said, looking nervously around. She dug out the amulet she had bought and put it on. Jes didn’t comment. But she was not easy

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