How Did All This Happen?

How Did All This Happen?

John Bishop

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0007436149

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

If you're a man of a certain age you'll know there comes a point in life when getting a sports car and over-analysing your contribution to society sounds like a really good idea. With a good job in sales and marketing and a nice house in Manchester that he shared with his wife and kids, John Bishop was no different when he turned the dreaded 4-0. But instead of spanking a load of cash on a car that would have made him look like a senior stylist at Vidal Sassoon, he stumbled onto a pathway that ultimately lead him to become one of the nation's best loved comedians. It was a gamble, but boy, did it pay off. How Did All This Happen? is the story of how a boy who, growing up on a council estate dreaming of ousting Kenny Dalglish from Liverpool FC's starting line-up, suddenly found himself on stage in front of thousands of people nationwide, at an age when he should have known better. In his own inimitable style, John guides us through his life from leaving the estate and travelling the globe on a shoe string, to marriage, kids and the split that led him to being on a stage complaining to strangers one night - the night that changed his life and started his journey to stardom. Wonderfully entertaining and packed with colourful reminiscences and comical anecdotes, this is a heart-warming, life-affirming and ultimately very, very funny memoir from one of the nation's greatest comedians.

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their job is to be incomprehensible to their parents, but also because their life is nothing like the life I had at their age. When I was a teenager, we did not have any form of communication apart from talking either face-to-face, being on the house phone or writing. Admittedly, the letter-writing side was in reality limited to notes around the classroom, usually involving a very poor caricature of the teacher with enormous genitals. Which now seems rather odd. Why would it be funny to suggest

which you call lunch. It is important we clear this up, as I would not want you to think I am using ‘tea’ in the cricket sense, and that after a few hours’ play we retired for a beverage and a slice of cake. Instead, the call for tea was an important signal to let you know the main meal of the day was ready. The shout was not something to be ignored, or your portion of scouse (stew) or corned beef hash would end up in one of the other children in the family. Or the dog. But if you didn’t hear

feast on the carcass. Having experienced the driving in Thailand, I was not surprised so many of them had crashed, but what was strange was that it was always on straight roads, where you could imagine the driver would have seen any oncoming hazards. However, the straight roads were also where all the overtaking went on, which basically meant that every driver was engaged in a giant game of ‘Chicken’. This worked by one truck trying to overtake another truck with-out really considering the

It’s not until you actually hear what is really going through their minds that you realise, ‘Bloody hell, some of this is my fault!’ The process was not quick and not always easy, but gradually we began to rediscover the part of our relationship that was not defined by being ‘married with kids’. There had been a time when I was a cocky lad in a tracksuit with a twinkle in his eye, and she had been a vibrant young woman who lit up the room with a smile that took my breath away. We had excited

comedian is a bit more than trying ‘a new thing’. It is a leap of faith, and we jumped at it together. When I left the office for the final time, I was doing so with the support of everyone I left behind. Nobody said, ‘Are you mental?’ which you would have perhaps expected; instead, people patted me on the back and wished me luck as if they would have liked to do it themselves. Having said that, people do the same to boxers on the way to the ring, but that doesn’t mean you are ready to get

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