Hunter's Way

Hunter's Way

Gerri Hill

Language: English

Pages: 366

ISBN: 159493018X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Homicide detective Tori Hunter was used to doing things her way. But even after having six different partners in seven years, Tori isn't prepared when she's forced to team up with the hot-tempered Samantha Kennedy.

Samantha, on the other hand, is trying to juggle a new job, a demanding boyfriend, and now finds herself with an even greater challenge—being partnered with the most difficult detective in the entire squad.

After a brief terrorist scare disrupts their serial killer investigation, the two women find themselves growing closer. Samantha begins to question the relationship with her longtime boyfriend, and Tori, never one to allow anyone to get close, begins to feel her defenses slipping in Sam's presence.

A serial killer and drug deals gone bad; the two detectives struggle with their feelings, trying to maintain their professional relationship while keeping their nearly flammable physical relationship in check.

With Hunter's Way, Gerri Hill masterfully blends suspense and intrigue with her unique style of romance.

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hallway. Belle's office was sparsely decorated, an old desk and file cabinets, one bookshelf littered with pictures, not much more. Tori scanned the room, her eyes landing on the numerous doors behind Belle's desk, and she frowned slightly as she counted eight. Sam sat in the only chair and Tori stood beside her. Belle settled in behind her desk, hands folded nervously on top. "I just can't believe this. All dead?" "I'm sorry," Sam said sincerely. "Angie was only seventeen. She came to me two

blood pumping through her veins had her wide awake. She rolled her head slightly, watching the rapid rise and fall of Sam's chest. It matched her own. She could feel the heat radiating from Sam's body and she was drawn to it. She knew it was wise not to touch Sam, but she was powerless to stop her hand from moving between them, linking fingers with Sam. She felt the gentle squeeze. Then Sam turned on her side, facing Tori. "If you don't kiss me soon, I will combust right here before your eyes,"

dragged through the mud, Hunter. Six dead." "Don't you think I know that? I've been at the scene of every one of them," Tori yelled. "I goddamn know every detail of their deaths. What do you want me to do?" It was Sikes who intervened. "Lieutenant Malone, Hunter-calm down. This is solving nothing. The Mayor can call all he wants, and the paper can write what they want, but we still have a job to do. Come on, guys." He spread his arms, a charming smile on his face. "Let's go over it all again

case about a month or so ago. Donaldson asked me for some information on gay bars. They had a guy that had been decapitated . . . a transvestite, Donaldson said." "I remember. It went nowhere." "Yeah. It went nowhere. Why is that?" "What are you getting at, Hunter?" "Is it just coincidence that he was decapitated, and Adams had the case? Coincidence that Grayson did that to two officers and left us that message?" "You think he killed the transvestite, too?" "You're a serial killer and you

But I don't feel like I'm in that dark place anymore." "I'm glad." "And I have you to thank for that." Sam smiled and leaned across the console and kissed Tori gently. "You're welcome." "Come on. Let's order some dinner. I'm bushed." "Me, too." The ringing penetrated her sleepy haze, and Tori untangled herself from Sam to grab her cell phone. "Hunter," she murmured. "It's me. The goddamn bastard was here," Sikes said. Tori sat up. "At Sam's?" "Yes. I've got an APB out on the car. It's a

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