I Was a Teenage Fairy (Ageless Books)

I Was a Teenage Fairy (Ageless Books)

Francesca Lia Block

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0064408620

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Maybe Mab was real. Maybe not. Maybe Mab was the fury. Maybe she was the courage. Maybe later on she was the sex . . .

A tiny fairy winging her way through the jasmine-scented L.A. night. A little girl caught in a grown-up glitz-and-glitter world of superstars and supermodels. A too beautiful boy with a secret he can never share . . .

From the author of Weetzie Bat comes a magical, mesmerizing tale of transformation. This is the story of Barbie Marks, who dreams of being the one behind the Cyclops eye of the camera, not the voiceless one in front of it; who longs to run away to New York City where she can be herself, not some barley flesh-and-blood version of the plastic doll she was named after. It is the story of Griffin Tyler, whose androgynous beauty hides the dark pain he holds inside. And finally it is the story of Mab, a pinkie-sized, magenta-haired, straight-talking fairy, who may or may not be real but who helps Barbie and Griffin uncover the strength beneath the pain, and who teaches that love—like a sparkling web of light spinning around our bodies and our souls—is what can heal even the deepest scars.

Leaves of Flame

A Taste of Magic

Le Poignard des Rêves (La Roue du Temps, Tome 21)


Violet Path











will strangle me,” she said. Mab was floating on a bar of soap as if it were a raft, in the slightly murky swimming pool that was Barbie’s bath. “She is such a croc,” Barbie said. Mrs. Marks had not caught her coming home from her first excursion, but the night after the fashion show, when Barbie had slipped out to be with Todd, her mother had found out and changed the plane tickets so they would be leaving early. “I’m going to take you home where I can keep an eye on you,” she had said.

silly roommate of his. She had spotted Damian finally, near dawn, as he was leaving the nightclub where he worked as a go-go boy. He was part Asian with light-green slanted eyes and that black-mirror hair, dripping with sweat from his gyrations. Although he worked as a dancer, Mab discovered by going through his backpack that Damian Chen was an art student at the local college, that he was HIV—, twenty years old, had a good relationship with his parents to whom he had come out, (this, revealed in

slipped out of bed and into one of Todd’s T-shirts. She stretched, feeling long, sinewy, calm as a kitty cat. While she was downstairs making blueberry banana pancakes for Todd and Griffin, the phone rang. She let the machine answer; it was Griffin’s agent with a message that the shoot had been canceled for the day but where the hell did you go yesterday and you better get back to me. Barbie flipped the last pancake off the griddle and into the oven to stay warm. Why was it canceled? She

Barbie’s mother now, jingling with gold chains and charms, big-haired, frosted, loud enough to scare away even the bravest pinkie-sized girls. Sometimes Barbie’s mother came outside, too, to yank her daughter by one skinny arm from under a bush and pull leaves out of hair that was green from swimming too long in the chlorinated pool. That day, Barbie had been lying there calling for Mab who was being especially obstinate and refusing to make an appearance. “Barbie! We’re going to be late! What

About how, for Mab, ballet would have been a breeze—literally. Mab could have stunned them all with her gravity-defying pirouettes and tour jetés. No one would have ever laughed at Barbie again if they could see who her friend Mab was. But was Mab her friend? She hadn’t seen her since the parakeet/pigeon incident. After class, Mrs. Marks was fuming. It was a hot day and she had started to perspire, releasing fumes of hair spray, antiperspirant, and perfume. She was fanning herself with her

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