Instruments of Night

Instruments of Night

Thomas H. Cook

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0553578200

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thomas Cook is one of today's most acclaimed writers of psychological thrillers, penning hypnotic tales of forbidden love and devastating secrets. Now he has written an unforgettable novel that weaves one man's tortured life with a deadly mystery that spans five decades....

Riverwood is an artists' community in the Hudson River valley, a serene place where writers can perfect their craft. But for all its beauty and isolation, it was once touched by a terrible crime--the murder of a teenage girl who lived on the estate fifty years ago.  Faye Harrison's killer was never caught--and now her dying mother is desperate to learn the truth about her daughter's murder.

Enter Paul Graves, a writer who draws upon the pain of his own tragic past to write haunting tales of mystery. Graves has been summoned to Riverwood for an unusual assignment: to apply the art of fiction to a crime that was real, and then write a story that will answer the questions that keep Faye's mother from a peaceful death. Just a story. It doesn't have to be true. Or does it?

The Long Death (Dirty Harry, Book 3)

Landed Gently (Inspector George Gently, Book 4)

The Falls

Let it Bleed (Inspector Rebus, Book 7)

Spare Change (Sunny Randall, Book 6)

Perfect People














ridge at Indian Rock, and headed down the trail. At some point along the route to wherever she was headed, Faye had met her death. By whose hand? Graves leaned forward and peered more closely at the photograph, trying to view it as Slovak would. He needed to “read” it in the way an archaeologist might read a cave painting, working to unearth the buried life it portrayed. In the picture Faye Harrison is standing before the towering granite boulder known as Indian Rock, her long blond hair

“About things you might have gotten wrong.” “Wrong?” Greta asked softly. “You mentioned that you saw Faye in the basement on the day she disappeared.” Eleanor said. “You said you’d come down the stairs, seen Faye, and stopped.” Eleanor edged forward, closing the space between herself and Greta Klein, but slowly, unthreateningly, in the manner, it seemed to Graves, of a daughter. “You said Faye was standing at the entrance to the corridor that leads from the basement to the boathouse.” “That is

Kessler. “Once they’d switched clothes, Edward put Faye in the boat. He hid her face beneath that white umbrella,” Eleanor continued. “Mona helped him do it, the two of them in the boathouse. That’s what they were doing when Greta heard them there.” He saw Greta Klein crouched fearfully in the dark interior of the storage room, her keys clutched in her hand, listening to distant whispers, words she could not make out. “At some point Greta assumed that Edward and Mona had sailed out of the

adored him. Why shouldn’t she? All her life he’d given her anything she wanted. Faye too. Buying her clothes. Toys. Trinkets. Always a piece of candy waiting for her when she came to his office. She loved him as much as Allison did. They both thought he was a peach of a guy. But when I came to him … when I needed his help, he told me to take my little tramp and go to hell.” A glacial bitterness glittered in his eyes. “He could spend all kinds of time with the daughter of a servant. But when it

Clauberg [ Previous | Index | Next] Nazi Doctor Auschwitz Field of Experimentation: Sterilization Professor Karl Clauberg had, in the years preceding World War II, expressed considerable scientific interest in the question of sterilization. Upon arrival at Auschwitz, he immediately began to perform human experimentation in Block 10. Clauberg’s experiments involved female human subjects. Clauberg and the doctors who worked under his direction injected chemical substances into

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