Irenicon: Book 1 of the Wave Trilogy (The Wave Trilogy #1)

Irenicon: Book 1 of the Wave Trilogy (The Wave Trilogy #1)

Aidan Harte

Language: English

Pages: 496

ISBN: 1623650399

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"If there were stars for world-building, Irenicon would be a five plus, no question," says SFX.

"The book is a fountain of gorgeous detail, festooned with enriching codices and enlightening, subtly subsumed exposition," raved Sci-Fi Now.

The river Irenicon is a feat of ancient Concordian engineering. Blasted through the middle of Rasenna in 1347, using Wave technology, it divided the only city strong enough to defeat the Concordian Empire. But no one could have predicted the river would become sentient--and hostile. Sofia Scaligeri, the soon-to-be Contessa of Rasenna, has inherited a city tearing itself apart from the inside. And try as she might, she can see no way of stopping the culture of vendetta that has the city in its grasp. Until a Concordian engineer arrives to build a bridge over the Irenicon, clarifying everything: the feuding factions of Rasenna can either continue to fight each other or they can unite against their shared enemy. And they will surely need to stand together--for Concord is about to unleash the Wave again.

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undercuts his authority.” “So you think someone’s planning mutiny too?” “Mutiny doesn’t need planning any more than weeds need planting.” The priest moved a pile of books and dropped a cushion on the tent floor. “Sit down, Sofia,” he said, seating himself among the litter of feathers and small bones. “Are you going to tell my future?” “Don’t patronize an old man. Even now you could see more than I ever have, if you’d let yourself.” “Yuri said you’ve correctly predicted the outcomes of

alley’s entrance, where an old woman had appeared. Sofia raised her flag and leaped down. “You’re not supposed to be here. These are our streets!” The nun looked scornfully at Sofia before again speaking: “!נוּס עַל נַפְשְׁךָ. בּוֹא וּלְךָ עַמִּי בְּאַחַת-->” It sounded like the Ebionite tongue, but something about the tone made Giovanni’s hair stand on end. Whatever it was, the buio obviously understood, for it slowly shuffled toward her. The old nun was a hardy one with callused, rough hands

we can hold it back for a couple of days more, it’ll dissipate.” “If we don’t?” “We wake up tomorrow dead.” “That’s not funny, Doctor. What are these water buckets for, in case of fire?” “Look, it’s going to get dangerous soon,” Pedro said. “You should get to a safe tower.” “No. I failed your father when he needed me; I’m staying.” “Your family needs you now, and Rasenna will need you in the aftermath.” “What if there is none?” he said reluctantly. “Then it won’t matter,” the Doctor said.

cobblestones rippled like water. She often imagined that she walked in the heart of old Rasenna with her grandfather and father proudly watching over her. Nobody guessed it at the time, but the siege inaugurated the third contest between Rasenna and Concord: the final and most terrible war. There was more than a year’s respite before Concord regrouped, time enough for Rasenna to rebuild broken walls and grow still stronger. Rasenna had withstood the most powerful weapon Concord had. It was

“Perhaps,” he began, “if we make a donation to your workshop, you could represent our case in a summer light.” “I appreciate the offer, but again I must refuse. Condottieri are not in Rasenna’s interests, and so not in mine. What need have we of an army? We lost our war twenty years ago. I wish you success in yours, but we cannot be part of it.” Scarpelli didn’t bother concealing his irritation. “I thought Rasenneisi were supposed to be passionate, but you’re as sensible as an engineer. We’re

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