Ivy and Bean Take the Case (Book 10)

Ivy and Bean Take the Case (Book 10)

Annie Barrows

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 1452128715

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Watch out, you diabolical masterminds! There's a new detective on Pancake Court: Bean! She laughs at danger! She solves even the most mysterious mysteries! What? There aren't any mysteries? Then Bean and her assistant, Ivy, will make some!

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explained everything about Al Seven and Seven Falls. For a while, Ivy thought Al Seven was seven, but soon she understood. Bean told her about how Al Seven found clues and rubbed his face. She told Ivy about how Al Seven snuck after people and spied on them and asked them the hard questions. How Al Seven spied on Sammy La Barba and saw him put money in a mailbox. And then about how Al Seven gave all the money to a girl named Lola. “Why’d he do that?” asked Ivy. Bean shrugged. “Don’t know.

Sophie S. “It’s not mysterious,” argued Prairie. “It’s just pipes in the dirt.” The nerve! Bean made her eyes into slits. “Look, I’m almost a private investigator, so I know about what’s a mystery and what’s not.” Prairie made a snorty sound. “Hey, Dino!” she called as he zipped by on his skateboard. “Guess what Bean and Ivy are doing?!” He skidded into the grass. “What?” “We’re solving mysteries,” said Bean firmly. Dino looked around. “What mysteries?” Bean looked at Prairie. “The

Mystery of the Sleeping Mailman.” + + + + + + “Shh!” whispered Ivy. They tiptoed down Ivy’s driveway and stuffed themselves behind a bush. Very carefully, they leaned out and looked toward the mail truck parked at the curb. Inside, the mailman was lying across the two front seats. His eyes were closed. His mouth was open. He had earphones in his ears. “I don’t see what’s so mysterious about him,” said Prairie. “He’s just sleeping.” “He does it every day,” whispered Bean. “He whizzes around

car and honked the horn. For a long time. Ever since then, she wasn’t allowed to sit in the car by herself. “I don’t think it would do any good anyway,” she said. “It isn’t sitting in the car that solves Al’s cases. It’s thinking.” Ivy nodded. “Okay.” She watched Bean think. Bean thought. The more she thought, the more she didn’t know who had tied the yellow rope. How did Al Seven do it? “Maybe it’ll come to you in a dream,” said Ivy. “Sometimes that happens in books.” “Maybe,” said Bean.

magic! Right here in our own neighborhood! Isn’t that the greatest?” “Zombies are magic,” said Dino. “And then they eat your brains.” “I think you guys watch too many scary movies,” said Bean. “This is real life. It’s our very own mystery, and, it might even be magic.” There was a silence. Then Trevor said, “If we knew for sure it was magic, it would be okay.” “But we don’t know what it is,” said Ruby. “And we don’t know why it’s happening,” said Sophie. “Right!” said Ivy, waving

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