King Solomon's Ring

King Solomon's Ring

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King Solomon's Ring

Physicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology (4th Edition)













his nest, the fugitive gains new strength, turns right about and dashes with gathering fury at his pursuer. A new battle begins, which ends with absolute certainty in the defeat of the former victor, and off goes the chase again in the opposite direction. The pursuit is repeated a few times in alternating directions, swinging to and fro like a pendulum which at last reaches a state of equilibrium at a certain point. The line at which the fighting potentials of the individuals are thus equally

outlet in nest digging. This type of phenomenon, which is of great theoretical interest both from the physiological and psychological point of view, is termed in comparative ethology a “displacement activity”. Unlike the fighting-fish, the sticklebacks do not waste time by threatening before starting to fight, but will do so after or between battles. This, in itself, implies that they never fight to a finish, although from their method of fighting, the contrary might be expected. Thrust and

with his companionship only now and again. Not so the Aureus dog; in him, as a result of his age-old domestication, that infantile affection has persisted which makes him a manageable and tractable companion. Instead of the proud, manly loyalty of the Lupus dog which is far removed from obedience, the Aureus dog will grant you that servitude which, day and night, by the hour and by the minute, awaits your command and even your slightest wish. When you take him for a walk, an Aureus dog of a

the end, in anything but logical style—she finally outwitted her stronger and more beautiful rival. The first sign which I received of the impending love drama was the enacting of the following scene. Bluegold sat peacefully on the upper edge of the open aviary door and allowed Rightred, who was sitting on his left side, to preen his neck feathers. Suddenly, unnoticed by both, Leftgreen also landed on the door and sat for a time about a yard away, casting on the lovers glances rife with

dachshund 78, 98; Esquimaux 111; great Dane 111; husky 110–11; jackal 109–10; Lapland 163; Lupus 112–14, 116–18, 120; malemut 111; mongrel 138, 175; Russian lajka 111; samoyede 111; sheep 159; sledge 110, 113, 116, 140; turf (Canis familiaris palustris) 108; wolfhound 111 dolphin 93 dove 21, 150, 174, 187; ring (Streptopelia risoria Pall.) 172–3, 179–82; turtle (Turtur turtur Linn.) xi, 27, 51, 172–3 dragonfly xix, 17; great (Aeschna) 18–20 duck xii, xvii, 94, 97, 99, 146; farmyard 40;

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