Laconia: 1,200 Tweets on Film

Laconia: 1,200 Tweets on Film

Masha Tupitsyn

Language: English

Pages: 197

ISBN: 1846946085

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

If the sound bite is the new order, then how do we make every word count? In today's surplus world of communication overload and cultural clutter, writer and cultural critic Masha Tupitsyn turns to the media matrix of Twitter to explore the changing ways that we construct and consume narrative. Loosely applying the discerning aphorism--a compressed genre in itself--to a 21st century context, LACONIA: 1,200 TWEETS ON FILM offers meditations on film and popular culture that resonant with laconic meaning and personal insight while getting to the heart of the matter. Inspired by Chris Marker's free-associative film impressions in La Jetee and Sans Soleil, LACONIA is part film diary, part cultural inventory, and part mashup. Pulling from an array of film, popular culture, books, and mainstream news, it offers penetrating critical commentary on an increasingly muddled virtual world. LACONIA consists of brick by brick prose, as Tupitsyn thinks in sentences and lines that culminate in an architecture of thinking.

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Dec 28th 607. for a life of real love together. 5:33 PM Dec 28th 608. Watched Norman Jewison’s …And Justice for All late last night and was kind of blown away by Pacino’s range and vulnerability. It’s no secret 11:15 AM Dec 30th 609. that the 70s were Pacino’s decade, and though I like him in The Godfather and Serpico (and most of all, The Panic in Needle Park), I think 11:16 AM Dec 30th 610. what he does in And Justice for All actually better. Then, an hour into the movie, it occurred to

track, “and we were 5:18 PM Jan 14th 716. driving cars from the seventies, and I was in eighties suits doing my grift at a Bennigans.” Even the movie’s DVD cover (with Roger Ebert’s 5:19 PM Jan 14th 717. twenty year old declaration that The Grifters is “One Of The Year’s Top 10 Movies!”) evokes a kind of anachronism 5:20 PM Jan 14th 718. or temporal suspension. Frears’ and Westlake’s removal of Carol is an attempt to save-face, primarily Cusack’s face—a beloved romantic icon 5:21 PM Jan

seen strapping on a sheet of rubber muscles to create the 7:17 PM Feb 20th 870. illusion of a six-pack under his slightly baggy Superman suit because in real life, Reeves (a heavy drinker and smoker) was out of shape and 7:19 PM Feb 20th 871. on pain pills. In 1959, fake was underneath fake. Fake was outside. On top of real. Fake was divisible. Today, Superman’s and Batman’s suits 7:19 PM Feb 20th 872. are airtight, sealed. There is less and less room for fake to hide. Not because there is

Noah Baumbach, 2009, USA. 213. Broadway Danny Rose, Woody Allen, 1984, USA. 214. Brothers, Jim Sheridan, 2009, USA. 215. America the Beautiful, Darryl Roberts, 2007, USA 216. Farrow, Mia. What Falls Away: A Memoir. New York: Doubleday, 1997. 217. Robertson, Nan. “Joseph Levine, A Towering Figure in Movie Making.” The New York Times (August 1, 1987). 218. Food, Inc., Robert Kenner, 2008, USA. 219. Depaulo, Lisa. “Good Girl Gone Badass.” GQ (January, 2010). 220. Avatar, James Cameron, 2009,

brick. The guy doesn’t move. He’s the opposite of the totally 11:33 PM Oct 9th 240. kinetic Ryan Gosling. 11:34 PM Oct 9th 241. Bulgaria, the new shooting locale for Hollywood, represents the everywhere and always of America. The any place, any time of it. 5:58 PM Oct 9th 242. “I can’t understand how it’s possible to live your whole life without someone and be doing more or less okay and then suddenly you find them 8:00 PM Oct 11th 243. and you recognize them.” The Eyes of Laura Mars

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