Legion of the Dead (Grail Quest, Book 8)

Legion of the Dead (Grail Quest, Book 8)

J. H. Brennan

Language: English

Pages: 116

ISBN: B0035N28UE

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Marching down from the north is a horrid army of skeletons and rotting corpses..."

The Legion of the Dead have caused havoc in Scotland razing villages, burning and pillaging, and now they are heading towards Avalon. At the head of thei army is none other than your trusted friend and sorcerer Merlin. Once again King Arthur has called upon your help to save his kingdom.

This is perhaps your most daring assignment yet. YOU are the only one - together with your famous sword, the mighty EJ - who can survive against the savage army of corpses. But even you will need more than heroic strength to outwit the magic of the wizard Merlin.

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114 where you can select a different option? 150 'Halt, who goes there? Not that it matters since we have orders not to let anybody past. Except the king, of course. And the courtiers and suchlike gentry of which you are definitely not one.' It seems you have encountered a guard post, staffed by two burly sergeants-at-arms, each armed with a pike and dressed in chain mail. If you want to visit any section on the map which lies past these two, you are going to have to engage in a spot of bother.

entering the Dark Tower at 197. Or you can play safe and select a different destination at 86. 182 Odd, isn't it, how jolly graveyards can be? Probably something to do with the humour on the headstones. You walk along the silent rows, inspecting and giggling at the epitaphs. You are just bending over to inspect one that reads: 'All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia', when a chill hand falls upon your shoulder. You spin round, drawing EJ in a single motion which sends him into a

GPs; * *B = 500 GPs; * * *B = 1,000 GPs; * * * *B = 10,000 GPs. 2. To offer a bribe, roll two dice. If you score 2-7, your bribe is refused. If you score 8-12, proceed as if you have won a fight. 3. Whether or not you are successful, subtract the bribe amount from your gold store. To Restore Lost LIFE POINTS 1. Sleep: You can sleep any time except when fighting. Roll one die. If you score 1-4, turn to Dreamtime. If you score 5 or 6, LIFE POINTS are restored equal to rolling two dice. 2. Other

damage. Perhaps fortunately, it will not be able to ignite its methane in two dimensional form, so you don't have to worry about fire-breathing. If the dragon kills you, go to 14. If you survive, you may take your next important choice at 33. 32 Cautiously, you begin to squeeze your way out of the curious rock formation. But not cautiously enough, perhaps. Roll two dice and deduct 2 from your score, then divide the answer by two and round up to the nearest whole number. (Yes, I know you found

In moments, it is as warm as bathwater, and still growing warmer. You are less than half way across and beginning to panic. Maybe swimming wasn't such a good idea after all. 'Maybe swimming wasn't such a good idea after all,' remarks EJ irritatingly. On impulse, you turn and swim back. The water continues to get hotter. And hotter. And hotter. Carry your boiled remains to 14. 35 Sliding north along the two dimensional passageway, you become suddenly aware of something sliding south towards you.

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