Life & How to Survive It

Life & How to Survive It

John Cleese, Robin Skynner

Language: English

Pages: 344

ISBN: 0393314723

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Brilliantly entertaining, enlightening and inspiring, Robin Skynner and John Cleese take on the big issue: life, and the challenge of living, in all its myriad forms. This book is an essential guide to surviving life's ups and downs - at home or in the workplace, as a member of a family or society.

Presented in the same lively style as the best-selling Families and How to Survive Them, Life extends Skynner's and Cleese's study beyond the family to relationships and group interaction in life outside it.

The book deals with such pithy issues as:

- Why living gives you all the lessons you need
- How grief can be good for you
- Why work is essential to our psychological health
- What mid-life crisis means for you

We are all searching for healthier, happier, more satisfying lives, but it's the journey that matters, not the destination. Skynner and Cleese are the perfect travelling companions.

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the cosmos. John You called it a feeling of being ‘plugged in’. Robin Yes. Now of course, we can’t help being a part of the universe; we’re part of it whether we like it or not. John Agreed. It’s not in fact a matter of choice. Robin No, but there’s an element of choice in whether we recognise the fact. And therefore in whether we feel we’re a part of it and so have that sense of connection, of belonging. John And most people don’t carry that feeling with them most of the time, do they? I

drug-induced opening to a deeper perception of the world, because I think it’s leading you to expect more strange visitations. As if you’re asking me: ‘Have you seen any good flying saucers lately?’ But the truth is much more simple and ‘ordinary’. In fact, once you get a glimpse that your view of the world is normally blinkered, and that it’s possible to see it more clearly, your interest naturally turns in this direction and you begin to notice things you ignored before. Just as, if you go to

These particularly healthy families are unusually positive in their attitude to life and other people. In general, they give the impression of enjoying themselves, enjoying each other, and especially of reaching out and being friendly to the people around them. John So they tend not to be British journalists. Robin Watching videotapes of such families, I’ve found myself thinking how enjoyable it would be to live next door to them. You can’t help feeling warm and friendly in response to the way

the research is based on companies. It’s certainly easier to see which ones work and which don’t. John But does that mean you’re taking only financial success as the criterion of health? That doesn’t sound right. Robin No, it’s long-term financial success that I’m taking as the main criterion. Because a certain kind of charismatic leader can run a financially successful company on thoroughly unhealthy principles for a time. But only for a time. Then the chickens always come home to roost, and

against other groups of children, since they’d be unlikely to survive alone. Rather like rival gangs in big cities. There was a lot of violence, and friendships were brief because they would turn on each other. John And old people? Robin They were even more harshly treated than the children. They were the ones least able to get any food, so they’d be starving. And while old people were actually dying, the others would snatch their possessions and clothes, and even food from their mouths. John

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