Lost Angel

Lost Angel

Kitty Neale

Language: English

Pages: 547


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hope never dies… The dramatic new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of NOBODY’S GIRL.

Without any possessions or even a home, Hilda Stone and her 14-year-old daughter Ellen are desperate for a miracle. Approached by a strange woman foretelling that Hilda's lost husband is alive, they are astonished when the prediction becomes a reality and against all odds, Douglas Stone returns home.
Years later Ellen is happily married when her baby daughter, Sarah, is tragically killed. Blaming herself for the accident Ellen feels unable to go on until she remembers the woman's prediction all those years ago.
Eager to believe that Sarah is still with her Ellen becomes obsessed with finding proof of an afterlife, only to be disappointed. She reaches rock bottom.
But then one day, when she least expects it, Ellen is given a sign. But will it provide her with the answers she so desperately needs?

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her protesting daughter into her pram. Sarah held out her arms, hating to see Pauline go and her face puckering with distress. Ellen did her best to soothe her daughter when they left, stroking Sarah’s hair as her mind wandered. It was nice for Val that she was going to have another baby, and she hoped it wouldn’t be long before she fell pregnant again too. Val said it would happen, but hadn’t predicted when. Oh, please let it be soon, she thought. Her mother was right; she had fallen in love

to be chrysanthemums.’ ‘They’ll be fine,’ he said, cutting some choice blooms. It was a quiet walk to the cemetery, the day slightly overcast, and when they reached Sarah’s grave Ellen appeared all right at first as she knelt to remove the old flowers. Percy handed her the bottle of fresh water, but then stiffened as Ellen suddenly wailed in anguish. Before he could stop her, she flung herself across the grave, crying as though her heart was breaking. It was then he heard Hilda’s voice. ‘Oh,

fairies in the garden, Hilda had to admit it sounded a bit silly, yet she still wasn’t convinced. What happened to her had felt so real, yet if investigated she couldn’t offer proof. Oh, she was tired. With windows shut and curtains drawn to keep out the cold, she found the room stuffy and yawned widely. ‘I think I’ll turn in.’ ‘All right and goodnight, dear.’ Hilda lit a candle to guide her upstairs, nervous as the flames flickered, illuminating some areas while others remained creepily

chose to be this way? With a sigh of exasperation, she signalled Ned to move off, but then had to pull him up again as someone called out to her. ‘Miss Forbes…Miss Forbes.’ Gertie turned to see Martha Pringle hurrying towards her, a basket clutched in her hands. ‘I’m so glad I caught you,’ the woman said. ‘I know it takes such a long time getting to Crewkerne and back, so I made you this.’ Gertie took the proffered basket, seeing an earthenware dish in the bottom. ‘It’s a chicken casserole,’

you’ve sold your father’s house?’ her mother now asked Gertie. ‘Yes. It was all signed and sealed today.’ ‘That’s good, and are you still going ahead with your business idea?’ ‘Probably,’ Gertie said shortly, then turned the corner to pull up outside the house. ‘Here we are.’ Ellen wished the drive could have been longer, but she’d enjoyed it immensely. She climbed out of the car, but once again was in for a shock. For a moment she thought her eyes were deceiving her, that it couldn’t

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