Love Style Life

Love Style Life

Garance Dore

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0812996372

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “The guardian of all style” (The New York Times Magazine) shares stories on life, love, style, and career, from Paris to New York, and inspires readers to cultivate an effortless chic that is all their own.
Garance Doré, the voice and vision behind her eponymous blog, has captivated millions of readers worldwide with her fresh and appealing approach to style through storytelling. This gorgeously illustrated book takes readers on a unique narrative journey that blends Garance’s inimitable photography and illustrations with the candid, hard-won wisdom drawn from her life and her travels. Infused with her Left Bank sensibility, the eclecticism of her adopted city of New York, and the wild, passionate spirit of her native Corsica, Love Style Life is a backstage pass behind fashion’s frontlines, peppered with French-girl-next-door wit and advice on everything from mixing J.Crew with Chanel, to falling in love, to pursuing a life and career that is the perfect reflection of you.
Praise for Garance Doré and Love Style Life
“The most elegant, funny, truthful book on style, love and life. Garance is an original with the cutest French accent.”—Jenna Lyons, president and creative director, J.Crew
“This charming book by fashion blogger Doré is part memoir and part style guide, gathered together in a chic, Gallic-inflected package.”Publishers Weekly

“One of blogdom’s most compelling storytellers.”The New York Times
“Doré’s mix of portrait photography, illustrations, collages, and stream-of-consciousness writing . . . has given the fashion world en masse a girl crush.”Interview
“Garance Doré embodies effortless French style.”Martha Stewart Living

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love Equipment’s). Perfectly sensual, and warm, as seen here on Athina Elaiya. THE SANDALS It’s tough to choose my favorites because I have a weakness for sandals, but I’ve owned a pair of Rondinis for years and they never go out of style. And their barely-there quality is so beautiful and sexy. THE HAT Shot on Jessica Vasconcelos, the straw hat doubles as a style and a beauty essential. We need to protect our faces from the sun in summer and nothing is cooler and more elegant than a panama.

ANYTHING anytime. Saying, “I’m going on a yoga retreat.” Saying, “I can’t sign any contracts this week because Mercury is in retrograde.” Saying, “I’m looking for a healer. Do you know a good healer?” Using “Oh my God” to open or conclude any sentence and to express sadness, joy, surprise, anger, boredom, and pleasure. Oh my God, yes! Saying, “Oh my God, we haaaaave to get coffee sometime!!!!” and then never ever getting in touch. Wearing sweatpants for every occasion—to go to the gym, to

anything but elegant with slicked back hair. Reece Solomon THE TURN OF THE SCREW (TURNING 40) By the time you read these pages, I will be in my forties. Or dangerously close. Or, if you’ve picked up the book a little late (wait, what’s your excuse again?), in them completely. Let me tell you a little bit about how it feels. Great. Horrible. Shameful. Proud. Old. Young. Ah!!! Nonsense. Yeah. Exactly that. It’s a little bit like teenaging, all over again. Like the other day, a younger guy

lose your home, your car, and your coffeemaker in the process. And then have your neighbor buy them. So, from observing my family over the years, here’s what I’ve learned: Don’t lend money that you can’t afford to never get back. Don’t let anybody “take care of your money.” Don’t let anybody “take care of your business.” Always sign a contract. Never ever think that a contract protects you from anything. Don’t believe the exceptions you hear about. With all that knowledge, you should be able

who dig.3 Me, I dig. I persevere. I push through. And, sometimes, I triumph. Knowing your style goes a long way. It gives you the power to communicate without saying a word; it turns you into a discerning shopper, the editor in chief of your own wardrobe. After years of very serious research, fashion missteps, and wrong purchases, I have discovered that personal style and boundless fashion bliss lie at the intersection of four cardinals. Jessica de Ruiter at home in L.A. Perfect relaxed

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