Love Waits

Love Waits

Gerri Hill

Language: English

Pages: 264

ISBN: 1594931860

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

High school sweethearts…and nobody knew.

Ashleigh Pence had been the all-American high school girl: cheerleader, prom queen…and in love with another girl. Gina Granbury hasn’t thought about Calloway High in twenty years, but the arrival of the invitation to the class reunion brings back memories of Ashleigh and the betrayal that drove them apart.

With no real choice, Ashleigh has to go the event, hoping that it’s not the one reunion that Gina decides to attend after all these years. Gina had expected to dismiss the possibility as easily as she has during all the years since, but the curiosity is suddenly strong. Her long-broken heart has never mended, but that’s no reason to go back in time…is it?

Twenty years seem like yesterday in this latest passionate story from Golden Crown award winner Gerri Hill.

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remember the agony she felt when Gina walked out of her life. It was a heartbreak she was certain she’d never recover from. Yet, here they were. There’d been no screaming and crying, no angry words. She smiled. Well, the little spat over feeling guilty hardly counted. It wasn’t like she’d slapped Gina or anything. “Why are you smiling?” Ashleigh turned to face her, their arms brushing. “Because here we are, having a normal conversation, discussing something that was so painful for me,

kitchen turned their gaze her way. “Back door?” she asked. They all pointed in the same direction and she nearly ran, sidestepping the guy pulling a dripping pan of fries from the grease. She saw the exit sign and pushed through the door, taking deep breaths of fresh air. True to her word, Gina pulled up in the old Toyota her parents had bought for her. It was bordering on jalopy status and she knew Gina was embarrassed to drive it. Still more often than not, she rode her bike to school. As

brought her mouth to Ashleigh’s ear, her tongue bathing it, making Ashleigh squirm. “I want my tongue inside you. Not just my fingers, but my tongue. Do you want that?” Ashleigh moaned, afraid she would climax right then, just from Gina’s words and the very skilled tongue that was still invading her ear. “Yes. Yes,” she said. “I want that.” Gina’s mouth left her ear, pausing to nibble at her neck before moving lower. Ashleigh was trembling and she was nearly embarrassed by the sounds coming

or worse, Ashleigh leaving her for someone else. Ten years after their breakup she still told herself she wasn’t good enough. Not for Ashleigh, not for anyone. So her one-night stands became common practice. No relationship meant no chance of a breakup. Even though she didn’t truly believe she wasn’t good enough, she’d told herself that so often, for so many years, that she believed it. Even now, twenty years later, it still nagged at her. Insecurity was no longer the reason for her single

Ashleigh’s reaction would be if she knew Gina had settled here, having Mustang Island as her playground. They’d come here twice together, once the summer before their junior year of high school, and then again the summer before their senior year. Of course, by the second summer, they were already lovers, sneaking off wherever they could to be together. But it was that first summer that she remembered the most. That summer was one of discovery, of love and longing, of a new friendship that turned

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