Madam President

Madam President

Blayne Cooper, T. Novan

Language: English

Pages: 436

ISBN: 1930928696

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's the year 2020 and history has been made by Devlyn Marlowe--the first woman to win the U.S. Presidency.

When it comes time to select a biographer to chronicle her historic term in office, Devlyn breaks with tradition and chooses a writer based on very personal reasons. She wants Lauren Strayer, a young author whose writing has always captivated her. There's only one problem--Lauren isn't interested in the job.

Despite Lauren's reservations, the persuasive Commander-in-Chief is able to sway the author's opinion with the promise of true editorial freedom--a biographer's dream come true. Realizing that the opportunity of a lifetime awaits her, Lauren reluctantly accepts the position and soon finds herself residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue alongside the First Family.

Caught up in the frenzy of life at the White House, Lauren begins to unravel the complex woman that is the President and finds herself more intrigued by Devlyn with each passing day.

Painfully realistic at times, funny, romantic, and endearing, Madam President is a drama set against one of the most dynamic backdrops imaginable and follows two lives destined to be entwined.

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what it could be. Not that she was complaining. She'd only seen one movie all year, and that was when Dev had arranged for the special screening in the White House on their first date, over two months ago. She scrambled back to her bed and nearly tripped over the crate that was filled with a sleeping Gremlin, Princess and their puppies. A three-dimensional image of a beautiful, middle-aged woman, wearing a white terry cloth bathrobe and sitting on a recliner flared to life, and her dulcet

Lauren turned her head and captured Dev's lips in a sweet kiss. She laid her hands on Dev's hips and gave a gentle tug, bringing their bodies together all along their lengths. When their lips separated, she pulled back a little and smiled. "I love you too, Devlyn. Very much," she said softly. "With all my heart." Her gaze quickly dropped back to the full lips she already wanted to taste again. Lauren threaded her fingers through long, dark hair, and she went back for more, offering herself to

"Ahhh, progress. I wish Congress were that easy." The tall woman put her palms on her knees and pushed to her feet so she could hand the bag to Emma. "Keep those handy in case he turns on you." Emma nodded. "Be careful, Devlyn Marlowe. These babies need you." She gave the President a long hug. "I will, Emma. And we'll be home soon." Dev disentangled herself and opened her arms to her children once more. "Last chance. You know just one is never enough for me." She sighed. "I have to go before

parents, to his brothers and sisters, and the community that helped raise him. But it was quite another for her to openly act as though what he did could be forgiven. If she did, she'd be opening the door for every nut in the world that wanted to take a pot shot at the President. Saturday, June 12th Lauren nervously wiped her hands on her jeans, shifting from one foot to the other as she stood outside the President's office on Air Force One. They'd been in the air for forty-five minutes and

feel cozy and safe. She could only wonder what it would be like in the cabin they would go to later in the day. The writer actually liked the main house. Dev had let her sleep in this morning. Although to be fair, since the shooting she'd gotten to sleep till 6:30 A.M. while Dev was undergoing her physical therapy. But her daily sessions had been switched to three times per week and Julio had even given her this week off ‘for good behavior'. Dev thought it was a therapeutic break for her muscles

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