Man O'War

Man O'War

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0394860152

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"An exciting, moving piece of fiction based on the facts about one of the
greatest horses of all time. The feeling for horses, horse breeding and
training, and horse racing is masterfully handled. Thrilling, highly
recommended."--(starred) "School Library Journal."

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suddenly out of training would have caused serious damage and no one was taking any chances, even now. But Danny’s duties were the same, for the stable routine was no different from what it would have been had Man o’ War’s campaign continued. Danny knew his colt was suspicious of the long gallops rather than the bursts of speed he had been asked for before. He was anxious to run, for his leg had healed completely and there wasn’t a blemish on him. Never had Danny seen him look better. He had

to pierce the milkiness with pale, flickering lights. It was a losing battle. The fog wasn’t going to lift for a while. Maybe he wouldn’t even be able to see the backstretch of the big track at Aqueduct. As he turned west on 42nd Street his way became more crowded and noisier than ever. Yet as he pushed his way through the surging throng he allowed his large head to emerge a bit more from his overcoat, much like a giant sea turtle peeking out from its heavy shell. He watched the marquee lights

crowd had made him a close favorite to Man o’ War. Upset was the third favored horse in the field, carrying only 115 pounds. None of the other four colts was expected to give the big three any trouble. The stands were overflowing with spectators, all wrought to a high pitch of excitement over the coming race. Danny listened to their screams while watching Man o’ War attempt to throw Loftus the moment he set foot on the track. It turned his stomach inside out and he held the black-and-yellow

horses go to the post.” “But not this time,” Danny said. “He’s beaten too many of them. They won’t show up at the post.” “Don’t be too sure,” Feustel answered. “Large shares of the purse go to the second, third, and fourth horses in the Futurity. They’ll go after them, if nothing else.” Danny said, “I hear Jim Rowe is going with three horses to try and beat us.” Feustel nodded and put down the colt’s foot. “Yes, he’s got John P. Grier ready. He claims he’s a far better colt than Upset. If so,

“He ran faster than you should have let him go, Clarence.” The jockey rubbed his shoulders. “Try holding him back yourself sometime,” he said irritably. The new record went into the books as the fifth consecutive one established by Man o’ War. But everyone, including the press, again wondered what it might have been had he been allowed to run all-out. How fast could this horse really run? Were they ever to know? He broke records, of course, but always under a hold that never allowed a true

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