Manticore Reborn (Durham Red)

Manticore Reborn (Durham Red)

Peter Evans

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1844163237

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There is nothing to fear but fear herself... Mutant vampire Durham Red returns in this new chilling, gothic SF adventure. Danger threatens when Red discovers that a twisted future version of herself, the demonic Brite Red, is hunting her down. The only way she can survive is to get her hands on the terrifying alien artefact known as Manticore but, even then, can she destroy her own future? Mixing SF action with gothic horror, Manticore Reborn is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride as the most dangerous woman in the galaxy finds out there's something even she is scared of – herself.Also in the series: The Unquiet Grave, The Omega Solution, The Encoded Heart, Black Dawn

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his head. "We have two choices. One, you could tell us exactly why you are here, and who in your corporation is part of this conspiracy. I want to know the names and ident-codes of your conspirators, and I want a full rundown of the operations you've run on other worlds. I know all about Fallaway and Topheth, but I'm sure there are more." He thoughtfully tapped his fingers on the desktop. "If you do that, you'll be detained in one of our security facilities until we see fit to have you deported

Vigilant's landers. A board next to Lydexia's throne chimed, and she looked back to see a holographic image of the artefact building itself in the air behind her. In three dimensions it was even more baffling - a slender spindle projecting up from a massive central dish, capped with smaller domes at either end. The dish was upturned and filled with great pods and cylinders. It looked like a spear thrust through a fruit bowl, if the spear had been a kilometre long. Tiny motes flocked and circled

Atomic mines, jumpspace drones, vortex relays... It's possible, maybe, that your ship will get into the Gulf from outside, but it will never leave. None of us will. The Bastion is impregnable." "Nothing's impregnable," Red replied. Not when you've got an invisible spaceship, anyway. That last thought she kept very much to herself. Fury's existence wasn't something she wanted to broadcast, least of all to an Archaeotech. The shadow web was very much a lost technology, a relic of the Stealth

people's computers as a matter of survival. The plan didn't look right until Red put her hand to the screen and covered half of it up. "Okay, this is us. How many people are left on the station, do you think?" "About fifty Custodes, maybe seventy scholars." "Helots?" "Blasphemy, helots aren't people." Red raised an eyebrow. "Caliban seemed to think differently." "Yes, but he's insane. Most of the helots would have died when the power failed. They're permanently linked into device drivers,

each other. It was like the way the time engine moved, seemingly passing through its own structure as it rotated, but that was a device, a construction of alien metals and electricity. This was something far greater, far more powerful. The time engine was a firecracker, this was the atom bomb. Red tapped the controls, turning herself away from the sight, and hit the emergency burn. The pack slammed into her back as its main thruster fired, powering her away from the oncoming shadows, but she

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