McDougal Littell Literature: Grade 7 (Student Edition)

McDougal Littell Literature: Grade 7 (Student Edition)

McDougal Littell

Language: English

Pages: 1183

ISBN: 2:00192547

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

McDougal Littell Literature — Student Textbook — Grade 7

Noli Me Tangere

Humboldt's Gift

Presence: Collected Stories

Full Measure

The Puttermesser Papers

Man in the Middle (Sean Drummond, Book 6)



















said Brock, interrupting the scientist in the midst of his inspection. “She’s (for by this time gender had been indisputably established) had a hard day. And if there’s some actual food available— she’s not used to pellets.” “Of course, of course,” said one of the researchers through the speaker in the observation booth. “How thoughtless. Send someone out for a McLike burger without sauce. She may regard it as meat. Anyhow, it will seem more like food to her than a pellet, affirmative, Brock?”

day or two recovering in his tent, instead of having to dig a hole out on the lake. But you don’t want to be bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard. That’s the worst thing that can happen to you. You will die a slow and painful death. Always. If you get bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard, you might as well go into the shade of the oak trees and lie in the hammock. There is nothing anyone can do to you anymore. The reader is probably asking: Why would anyone go to Camp Green Lake? Most campers weren’t

this lesson, you’ve explored several moviemaking techniques that are used to spark an audience’s imagination. Consider the clip from Back to the Future. How close did you come to believing the amazing events? Give at least two reasons for your response. Think about • how you reacted to the events at your first viewing • how well the moviemakers use such techniques as camera shots and music and other sounds to create excitement Produce Your Own Media media tools Storyboard a Race Against Time A

shop now. But not Harry Tillian and his friends. The year Harry turned twelve was also the year Mr. Tillian got a parrot. He went to a pet store one day and bought one for more money than he could really afford. He brought the parrot to his shop, set its cage near the sign for maple clusters and named it Rocky. Harry thought this was the strangest thing his father had ever done, and he told him so, but Mr. Tillian just ignored him. Rocky was good company for Mr. Tillian. When business was slow,

ambulance D customer 4. The word round means “circle.” What is the most likely meaning of the prefix a-, which is used to form around in line 3? A in C without B not D under 2. The Latin word hospes means “guest.” Which word in the story most likely comes from the word hospes? A company B home C hospital D friends 3. The Latin word fornax means “oven.” Which word in the story most likely comes from the word fornax? A forward B furnace C afford D food 170 unit 1 : plot, conflict, and setting

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