Meant to Be (The Infinitum Government Book 2)

Meant to Be (The Infinitum Government Book 2)

Megan Derr

Language: English

Pages: 159


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Draconis are a race of unexpected power and ability, complicated by their tendency to ‘match’ with other beings. The trial to decide whether or not they should be exterminated is about to begin, and both sides have gathered some of the brightest minds in the galaxy to argue before the Star Assembly of the Infinitum Government. Everything goes awry, however, when word comes down that High Chancellor Pyotr Kavalerov, staunchest supporter of the Draconis' right to live, has been assassinated...

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left to care for," September continued. "The what?" Arkadii repeated, dread in his stomach. September looked at him in surprise. "The boy—their son." "They didn't have a son the last time I heard from them," Arkadii snapped, feeling about as sick as September suddenly looked. His brother wouldn't be that stupid—yes, he would, Arkadii conceded. He did not bother stifling his sigh. "Please tell me the boy did not witness all of this." The tight set to September's mouth was all the answer

present. Stick with the plan, he decided. Yevi was set to meet him in two days—probably a day and a half at that point. He'd promised he'd be able to get out, though he'd cautioned that there would be no turning back once he made his escape. So he would wait and Yevi would meet him. Then, as the saying went in Bangkok, it would be the kind of night that nobody wanted to remember the next morning. Chapter Ten Planet 0000000 (Zero), The Palace of Eternity Val wasn't sure where to put his

question, however, looked to be doing remarkably well, considering how bad they'd been. Jade must have found someone able to give him a heal-accelerant. Illegal for a host of reasons, but it had never stopped anyone from using them. "Here you are, locked away, wholly of your own free will by now, and still you managed to muck up my plans, Petya." "Even I am not talented enough to ruin your plans with nothing but a book and erosa tea," Pyotr replied, preparing said tea and placing two cups of it

was the only reason he would get to spend a few more minutes with Yevi without having to lower his head and call him 'Majesty'. "So what are you doing here, anyway? You should be on Zero." "My job," Yevi snapped, that dangerous glint in his eyes. "This—" Raoul swallowed and forced the words out. "I figured the moment we landed on Zero, you were retired." Yevi scowled and looked away, some of his braids falling into his face. Raoul fought an urge to brush them away and tilt Yevi's face up for a

never again encounter the smell of a dead body or blood. He hated the smell of blood; it stuck in his mouth and ruined his appetite. "What happened?" he asked curtly. The lieutenant snapped a salute, but gratefully relaxed when Arkadii motioned that he should. He grimaced briefly, before recovering himself, and said in a voice that tried very hard to be coolly professional, "Murder-suicide, High Chancellor. Doc—that is, the doctor reports that there was a brutal struggle first and likely the

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