Medicine of the Cherokee: The Way of Right Relationship (Folk wisdom series)

Medicine of the Cherokee: The Way of Right Relationship (Folk wisdom series)

J. T. Garrett, Michael Tlanusta Garrett

Language: English

Pages: 223

ISBN: 1879181371

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Discover the holistic experience of human life from the elder teachers of Cherokee Medicine. With stories of the Four Directions and the Universal Circle, these once-secret teachings offer us wisdom on circle gatherings, natural herbs and healing, and ways to reduce stress in our daily lives.

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direction of the South is the Nature path where the spirit being becomes a human being. The color of the South is usually white to represent purity, or green to represent plants. “The spirit one comes to the earth plane through the sacred center and passes through the Thunder Beings in the East for Good Medicine power, then is born into Nature as pure as the innocence of the South.” That means the little ones are to be treated as sacred little persons to be nurtured and protected until they reach

Earth. GETTING BACK TO OUR “ROOTS” Our survival may well depend on natural herbs and plants as the cures for AIDS and other killers yet to come. It has been said that 10 percent or less of the more than 350,000 plant species are known by us. Our concerns for such killers as AIDS started us looking again at natural plants, rather than only at synthetics. Automated methods today allow us to test thousands of samples each year. The botanical and pharmaceutical companies’ research labs have

was growing up because it was used to relieve insect bites, sinuses, toothaches, pain, and swelling. Simple remedies such as these, and the ones I described earlier, have a reasonable basis as long as they do no harm and do promote the healing process. Like Caine in Kung-Fu, the helpers in the physical, mental, spiritual, and natural aspects are available for the seeking and the vision. There are some natural herbs that can be found in Nature’s medicine cabinet of Mother Earth. Many people ask,

disrupt it. There is something known as the “Harmony Ethic,” based on the communal spirit of cooperation and sharing, which guides much of traditional Cherokee living. It is a way of life that gives purpose and direction to much of our interaction in this world. In Cherokee tradition, wellness of the mind, body, spirit, and natural environment is an expression of the proper balance of all things. If we disturb or disrupt the natural balance of ourselves or others, illness may be the result,

very proud of the spirit beings for the good work they had done. He asked the Thunder Beings to strike a tree so the fragile physical beings would have heat from the Sacred Fire. From that time on, all the animal, insect, bird, tree, plant, and human clans would give ceremony around the fire and dance for the Sun to celebrate and honor the gift of life on a now-living Mother Earth. MODERN - DAY SECRETS There are many secrets that affect our health and medicine today. From the Medicine of Native

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