The memoirs of John Addington Symonds

The memoirs of John Addington Symonds

John Addington Symonds

Language: English

Pages: 318

ISBN: 0394540859

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Edited and introduced by Phyllis Grosskurth. Includes index.

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sympathy, manly and wise, at a period when I sorely needed sympathetic handling, I ascribe the only pure good of my Harrow training. Doubtless, not I alone, but hundreds of boys who came within the influence of that true Christian gentleman, whether they are now alive or sleeping in their graves upon all quarters of the habitable globe, would deliver the same testimony. It is possible, however, that I enjoyed a double portion of his kindly interest; for he had recently settled at Harrow, as form

Engel and Catherine North, Italy Such was my state of mind and feeling toward the end of my Oxford career. An unhealthy, painful state enough. And yet I was continually striving to repress instinct, and to put aside the tyrannous appeals of sense. I took a first-class in Litterae Humaniores during the summer of 1862. Immediately after this, my father, my sister Charlotte and I travelled through Munich and Innsbruck and the Finstermiinz to Venice. For the first time I touched the city of the

walked up to Miirren on 18 August in drenching rain. And it rained and snowed incessantly for three days after I arrived. Rosa, who knew that I had come again to see her, and who did not understand what all this meant, kept severely aloof, avoiding me on purpose. Twice I have passed the window where she was sitting. Once I saw her writing; and I thought that she was watching me. I walked past, fondling the great white dog. She bent over her letter, and only the friend who was with her could see

symptom. I had not recovered from the long anxiety caused by Vaughan's affair, from the blow of Shorting's treacherous attack, from the dumb effort to warp and twist aright my innate and aberrant passions. Then exercise, head work, superfluous agitation concerning religion and metaphysics - the necessary labour of an ambitious lad at college, and the unwholesome malady of thought engendered by a period of Sturm und Drang in England - depressed vitality and blent the problems of theology with

pronounced that there was mischief of a very serious kind at work in the apex of the left lung. All thought of an active professional life had to be abandoned. I was subjected to energetic treatment and confined to the house for some weeks, at the end of which period my wife and I went to Mentone. Before carrying the record of· our doings further I will insert the last fragment of my wife's diary. *See Appendix 3- Editor. 159 THE MEMOIRS OF JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS [Symonds here inserted the

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