Men in Blue (Badge Of Honor)

Men in Blue (Badge Of Honor)

W.E.B. Griffin

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0515097500

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

W.E.B. Griffin's bestselling series, THE CORPS and BROTHERHOOD OF WAR, have captured the pride and glory of the military community. Now he reveals a city police force with the same unique blend of realism, drama, and action. Here are the brave men and women behind the badge as you've never seen them before--their hopes and fears, their courage and heroism, sparked by a single, shocking event: the killing of a cop in the line of duty.

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interrogation rooms. Then he covered the phone with his hand and said, "Be right with you." Wohl nodded and went into the room. Through the one-way mirror, he could see three people in the interrogation room. One was Detective Tony Harris. There was another man, a tall, rather aesthetic-looking black man in his twenties or thirties whom Wohl didn't recognize but who, to judge by the handcuffs hanging over his belt in the small of his back, was a detective. The third man was a very large, very

door with a clipboard in his hands approached them. "May I have your invitations, please?" he asked. "We don't have any invitations," Matt said. "Our name is Payne," Patricia said. "This is my son, Matthew. He is Captain Moffitt's nephew." "Yes, ma'am," the lieutenant said. "Family." He flipped sheets of paper on his clipboard, and ran his fingers down a list of typewritten names. His face grew troubled. "Ma'am," he said, uncomfortably, "I've only got one Payne on my list." "Then your list

about two last night," Matt said. "And at half past five this morning, I was wide awake. So I went for a long walk. At five minutes after eight, I found myself downtown, in front of Wanamaker's. And I was hungry. There's a place in Suburban Station that serves absolutely awful hot dogs and really terrible 'orange drink' twenty-four hours a day. Just what I had to have, so I cut through City Hall, and that was my undoing." "I don't understand," Payne said. "The cops have a little recruiting

Gerald Vincent Gallagher down. There were several reasons, and they all came to him. For one thing, he wasn't at all sure that he could hit him. For another, he was worried about where the bullet, the bullets, plural, would go if he missed. People lived close to the tracks here. He didn't want to kill one of them. And then he realized the real reason. He didn't want to kill Gerald Vincent Gallagher. The little shit might deserve it, and it might mean that Officer Charley McFadden didn't have

Philadelphia police were interested in for a homicide investigation, asked for the dispatch of the state police mobile crime lab van. "And first thing in the morning, I think we had better get enough people out here to have a good look at the woods," he said. "In the meantime, I'll need somebody to guard the site. I pulled a car off patrol, but I'd like to get him released as soon as possible." They all got back in the Ford and waited for the patrol car to come to the scene. Captain Kozniski,

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