Miami Jackson Gets It Straight

Miami Jackson Gets It Straight

Patricia McKissack, Fredrick McKissack

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 2:00167172

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

MIAMI JACKSON CAN’T wait for school to end. But who ever thought five days could be so long? His teacher is leaving for Ghana, his arch-enemy, Destinee Tate, is on his case, and now Miami’s keeping secrets from his best friend, String. Summer can’t come soon enough!

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String will turn double-Dutch rope for the girls. Then he’ll run over and hit a homer with the boys. He even sits with Rashetta Lewis—with her nose running all the time. Nasty. Gag! String’s okay like that. I understand. But I can’t hang with Destinee Tate. “You should get to know her,” String is always saying. “I know enough,” is always my answer. Ms. Rollins comes into the room. The Star-Spangled Banner crackles over the intercom. We stand. We sing. We say The Pledge of Allegiance. That

summer! Mama says our age difference won’t matter when I’m thirty-two and Leesie is thirty-nine. There would be no problem now if we didn’t have to share a bathroom. Leesie finally passed her driver’s test on Monday. She has been bouncing off the walls ever since. She’s in the bathroom now. On the phone. Talking to Marquisha. They’re making plans for this afternoon. Mama is letting Leesie have the car. Leesie is going to be hard to live with after this. But right now, I’ve got someplace to

Band-Aid—say it fast. The way you yank a Band-Aid off. “I’m supposed to buy a going-away present for our teacher. Will you drive me to the mall?” Leesie is like a block of ice. I wish she would say something—anything. Finally the Frost Queen speaks. “If I take him and bring him back,” she asks, not even looking at me, “may I go out again?” “Yes, providing it’s not too late,” Mama answers. Leesie’s got some serious drama on her face. She knows I’m at her mercy. But I’ll beg if I have to.

have to crawl,” Destinee answers. 4:46 P.M. Leesie pulls into a parking space. Before we get out, she morphs into Leesie-the-Con-Artist. “Mama told me to stay with you,” she says. “Help pick your teacher’s gift. But I could let you go on your own.” Leesie doesn’t want to be bothered with me, really. That’s fine. “Sure,” I say, being very agreeable. “Go ahead. Mama doesn’t need to know.” “You’re gonna get to go a lot of places. Just keep that good attitude, little brother,” says Leesie.

live. 3:00 P.M. School’s out. School’s out. Everybody in class passed to the fourth grade. Off comes my coat. I pull my shirt out of my pants. I take off my socks. Oh yeah, school is out. Me and String are on our way to Camp Atwater! 6:30 P.M. Leesie’s a senior now. Seems the homonym has a date with Prince Amon the Creep tonight. We’re celebrating, too! Mama has taken String and me out for pizza. Real pizza with good crust. “Did Ms. Rollins like the friendship token?” Mama asks.

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