Monster Blood III (Goosebumps, No. 29)

Monster Blood III (Goosebumps, No. 29)

R. L. Stine

Language: English

Pages: 126

ISBN: 0590483471

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Evan swallows Monster Blood and turns into a hulking giant, he must find an antidote or spend the rest of his life trying not to step on his friends.

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saw, had become way too tight. The dog’s chest heaved. Thick white spittle flowed from his open mouth. “Hold on, boy. Hold on!” Evan cried. The dog’s eyes rolled wildly in his head. He didn’t seem to see or hear Evan. “Hold on, fella! Just hold on!” The collar wouldn’t budge. It was buried tightly under the dog’s fur. His hands shaking, Evan struggled to pull the collar over Trigger’s head. Come loose, come loose, come loose, he begged. Yes! Trigger uttered a pained whimper as Evan

to him, chopping away at something with her big butcher knife. Evan hurried past and darted out the door. Andy’s house was a modern, redwood ranch style, with a low hedge of evergreens running along the front. Her dad, she said, was a fanatic about the lawn. It was clipped a perfect inch and a half above the ground, smooth as a carpet. A flower garden stretched along the front of the house, tall orange and yellow tiger lilies bobbing in the gentle breeze. The front door was open. Evan knocked

mother motioning to her from the front window. “Uh-oh. Dinnertime. I’ve got to go.” Her eyes stopped at his swollen cheek. “Wait till your aunt sees you.” “She probably won’t even notice,” Evan said glumly. He picked up the bucket by the handle. “What are we going to do with this stuff?” “We’ll take it back to the toy store tomorrow,” Andy replied, taking long strides across the lawn to the house. “Huh?” “That’s what we’ll do. We’ll simply take it back.” Evan didn’t think it was such a hot

Blood to his pet fish. You … A Release the fish back into the wild when he outgrows his tank. B Find the source of the Monster Blood and destroy every last drop. C Quickly feed the fish to your cat. 10 A neighboring town has been taken over by Monster Blood. You hear it’s coming toward your town, so the best thing to do would be to … A Ask your parents if you can skip school to watch it pour into your town. B Demand that your mayor build a 20-foot-tall protective wall around your town. C

about this. “I’ll help you carry the suitcase up to my room,” he said. They carried it up the narrow staircase. His room was actually a study. The walls were lined with bookshelves filled with old hardcover books. A large mahogany desk stood in the center of the room. A narrow cot had been made up under the single, curtained window. The window faced out onto the backyard, a long green rectangle with the gray-shingled garage to the left, a tall picket fence to the right. A small fenced-in area

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