Nate the Great Goes Undercover

Nate the Great Goes Undercover

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0440463025

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Beginning readers are introduced to the detective mystery genre in these chapter books. Perfect for the Common Core, kids can problem-solve with Nate, using logical thinking to solve mysteries! 

Somebody has been raiding Oliver's garbage can each night. How can Nate narrow the long list of suspects down to one? Nate the Great might just have to go under cover . . . under cover of the garbage can lid, that is!

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*“Marc Simont’s charcoal and pastel illustrations provide the perfect backdrop for this clever case.” —School Library Journal, Starred
“First graders’ favorite private eye solves the case of Oliver’s scattered garbage in those short, easy sentences that Sharmat transforms into crisp, tough-guy humor.” —Kirkus Reviews (A Kirkus Reviews Editor’s Choice)

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belongs to Oliver,” Esmeralda said. “He might follow me.” Now I knew why Esmeralda keeps her mouth open. She has wise things to say. She had given me an important clue. No person would go near Oliver or his garbage. Oliver is too much of a pest. Sludge and I went home. Oliver came over. Oliver always comes over. Sludge sniffed Oliver. I gave Sludge a pancake. “Is the case solved?” Oliver asked. “Part of it,” I said. “Which part?” he asked. “I, Nate the Great, have found

All I needed was the proof. I left a note for my mother. I went to the garbage can. I stepped inside. I put the cover over me. I left space to look out and to breathe. I knew that was important. I waited. Nothing happened. Something came up to the can. Something knocked the cover to the ground. Something looked inside. “Something” was Sludge. Sludge was surprised to see me. But I, Nate the Great, had been expecting to see Sludge. I knew that Sludge was the garbage

sprinkles, chopped peppermints, chopped candy bars, or whatever you like MAKE YOUR ICE CREAM: 1. Crack the egg into the small container. Beat well with the fork. 2. Add the cream, sugar, and vanilla. Mix well with the spoon. 3. Put the lid on the small container. Tape around the lid to make sure salt doesn’t get inside. Place in the large container. 4. Pack 2 cups of the ice and ⅓ cup of the rock salt around the small container. If there is room in your container, add another 2 cups

cat? ❑ Nate the Great and the Musical Note: Nate is used to looking for clues, not listening for them! When he gets caught in the middle of a musical riddle, can he hear his way out? ❑ Nate the Great and the Stolen Base: It’s not easy to track down a stolen base, and Nate’s hunt leads him to some strange places before he finds himself at bat once more. ❑ Nate the Great and the Pillowcase: When a pillowcase goes missing, Nate must venture into the dead of night to search for clues. Everyone

Nate is on his own this time, because Sludge has disappeared! Can Nate solve the case and recover his canine buddy? ❑ Nate the Great on the Owl Express: Nate boards a train to guard Hoot, his cousin Olivia Sharp’s pet owl. Then Hoot vanishes! Can Nate find out whooo took the feathered creature? ❑ Nate the Great Talks Turkey: There’s a turkey on the loose, with Nate, his cousin Olivia Sharp, Sludge, and Claude in hot pursuit. Who will find the runaway bird first? ❑ Nate the Great and the Hungry

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