Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods: Prevent and Reverse the Most Common Forms of Cancer Using the Proven Power of Whole Food and Self-Healing Strategies (Revised, Updated, and Expanded)

Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods: Prevent and Reverse the Most Common Forms of Cancer Using the Proven Power of Whole Food and Self-Healing Strategies (Revised, Updated, and Expanded)

Verne Varona

Language: English

Pages: 327

ISBN: 2:00237280

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A revised edition with new recipes and updated research on the best foods to eat to fight cancer

A comprehensive, holistic, and practical plan for cancer prevention and recovery, now completely revised and updated.

Grounded in documented research from leading medical institutions—along with studies of the world’s healthiest populations—nutrition educator Verne Varona has developed a breakthrough nutritional and lifestyle program for immunity building and cancer prevention and recovery.

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following list: Bitter: Associated with early summer and midsummer plant growth, bitter foods are thought to stimulate the heart and small intestine. These foods include dandelion, parsley leaves, mustard greens, collard greens, burdock root, sesame seeds, cereal-grain coffee substitute, and some types of corn. Salty: Associated with winter plant growth (and used to make food more warming and fortifying), salty food imparts strength and is thought to influence the kidneys and bladder. These

Dice the tomatoes and toss with the mixed greens in a large bowl. Toss well with the vinaigrette to coat evenly. Apricot Slices Serves 4 20 slices fresh apricot Mint leaves, for garnish Divide the apricot slices among 4 plates. Garnish with the mint leaves. INGREDIENT GLOSSARY Agar, agar-agar (ah-gahr): Also known as kanten, agar has a complex carbohydrate quality that acts as a gelling agent. It is the vegetarian alternative to gelatin, which is made up from animal skin, tendons,

such feelings seems uncomfortable, but with practice it becomes easier as you do it and results in better communication, more honest interactions, and of course better health. EMOTIONS: A TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICAL PERSPECTIVE Traditional Chinese medical theory considers the body to be an energy conduit, much like a battery whose entire technology is useless unless nourished by a current. The Chinese say that our life force or inner energy flow (chi in Chinese) governs the health and vitality

stronger and more noxious than that of non–meat eaters. This is due to putrefying animal bacteria to which the colon is subjected for long periods of transit times. A diet high in animal fats will increase the concentration of saturated fat and arachidonic acid compared with individuals on a vegetarian diet. This concentration alters the types of fatty acids available to tumor cells and increases their growth rate. Some evidence to support this is found in studies that show vegetarian diets

(alkaline) dirt neutralized the acid elements of the corn, thus making it easier to digest. A similar practice by some Southwest native tribes used wood ash (carbonized wood is highly alkaline) in their corn cooking water, presumably for the same reasons. Eight Categories of Cravings There is very little conclusive scientific research on specific reasons for human food cravings; why you’d sell your firstborn for exotic chocolate, or drive 35 miles for a particular kind of cheesecake. Sometimes,

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