Optimal Detox: How to Cleanse Your Body of Colloidal and Crystalline Toxins

Optimal Detox: How to Cleanse Your Body of Colloidal and Crystalline Toxins

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 1594774897

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A practical guide to identifying and targeting toxins with the most appropriate and effective detox methods

• Reveals the two main types of toxins: colloidal, which affect circulation and organ function, and crystalline, which cause tissue damage and pain

• Explains the toxins behind specific illnesses and which of the 5 excretory organs--liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, or skin--should be stimulated for optimal detox

• Details how specific foods can produce these toxins and trigger illnesses

The lasting benefits of detoxification and internal cleanses are becoming well-known and accepted--in part, because these practices are more vital than ever for optimal health and longevity and in the fight against environmental and dietary toxins.

Christopher Vasey shows how accumulation of toxins is the primary cause of illness and how the key to successful detoxification is identifying the type of toxin--either colloidal or crystalline--polluting your biological terrain. He explains how colloidal toxins hinder circulation and organ function, while crystals move around the body damaging tissues and causing lesions and pain. Left unchecked, the two forms can combine to create “stones”--such as gallstones or kidney stones. Beyond finding the cause of an illness, the most important reason to correctly diagnose your type of toxin is to ensure you choose the most effective method of detoxification and stimulate the appropriate excretory organ--liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, or skin. For example, a person seeking to purge his system of crystals should increase his fluid intake to stimulate the kidneys not encourage bile production, because crystals cannot be expelled via the liver.

With clear, practical instructions and guidance, Vasey explains how to identify which type of toxin is triggering your illness and which medicinal herbs, hydrotherapy techniques, or nutritional options are the best choice for each specific condition or combination of ailments. He reveals which foods produce colloidal and crystalline toxins and should therefore be avoided. This targeted method of detoxification enables each of us to cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins safely, accurately, and successfully.

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properly, or when the body ingests more food than the digestive capabilities can handle. In this event, poorly digested fats will remain in the intestines and the stools produced will be greasy. They will generally be lighter in color, even white, and will have a tendency to float. Poorly broken down starch can also be found in the stools. We should note in passing that both of these substances belong to the family of colloidal toxins. Did You Know? According to some authors, one-third of the

area of tissue dependent on the vessel. Once the supply stops, the tissue dies. This is particularly dangerous when this tissue belongs to a vital organ like the heart (heart attack) or the brain (stroke). These diseases are the culmination of a long process of blood being made thicker and thicker by wastes and the resulting overall deterioration of the vessels. Here, colloidal substances are no longer the only ones at fault. Crystalline wastes have combined with them. Together, they lead to a

fungi is only possible when the level of toxins is high. Allergies, Hay Fever In naturopathy we understand that (aside from an inherited predisposition) it is only when the cellular terrain is under heavy attack from toxins that the body—already on the defensive because of the quantity of toxins present—will block out a substance, reacting disproportionately to it in the future. This substance (which can be pollen, cat hair, dust, and so forth) is not the true culprit. The actual cause is

who takes care of it plenty of vitality and good health. CONCLUSION Because colloidal and crystalline wastes are of food origin, it is essential to reduce the intake of the foods that are producing the wastes—colloidal or crystalline—that are responsible for the illness. Conclusion Health is not the work of fate, so it should not be left to chance. This has been clearly expressed by Doctor Paul Carton (1875–1947), one of the great pioneers of natural medicine. Human life does not

to the elimination of toxic substances (heavy metals, plant-based poisons, drugs, medications). THERAPY In natural medicine the purpose of the therapy is to remove the cause of the disease. More on this therapeutic path can be found in my book The Naturopathic Way. Given that, from the naturopathic perspective, illness is the result of an accumulation of wastes and toxins in the terrain, there are two essential steps that must be taken. Halt the arrival of new toxins. Eliminate toxins

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