Orkney Twilight

Orkney Twilight

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1784080942

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

All families have secrets. But some have more secrets than others. Jim is a brilliant raconteur whose stories get taller with each glass of whisky. His daughter Sam thinks it's time she found out the truth about her dad. On vacation in Orkney, Sam spies on Jim as he travels across the island. What has he hidden in the abandoned watchtower? Who is he meeting in the stone circle at dusk? And why is he suddenly obsessed with Norse myths? As Sam is drawn into Jim's shadowy world, she begins to realize that pursuing the truth is not as simple as it seems. Set against the harsh beauty of the remote Scottish islands of Orkney, inspired by the author's own childhood, this is a gripping first novel from an astonishing new talent.

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also been employed by Don Chance through another of his companies – Shaba Security. And that made him suspect Chance was working with Intelligence in some way and would probably destroy the information rather than pass it on. But I reckon Chance also wanted the envelope because he was worried there might be something in it that linked Shaba Security to a load of shootings that took place at this mine they were supposed to be guarding. Shinkolobwe. He would obviously want to try and erase any

now. ‘Maybe you could go and keep an eye on your father. You seem to be getting along with him better than anybody else in the family these days.’ Sam dropped her jaw, mouthed a silent scream like the Munch poster she had bought from Athena and Blu-Tacked to her bedroom wall. Liz remained unmoved by her daughter’s gurning. ‘You loved Orkney when you were a child. You and Jim were the ones who insisted on going there every year. You two were always more interested in all those ancient ruins than

And now she couldn’t understand why she had gone along with his line in the first place, why she had told all her friends her dad was a sergeant at some unnamed cop shop, had a truncheon and handcuffs and went around locking up criminals, because now she could see there was absolutely nothing about Jim to show his story might be true. He didn’t wear a uniform. He didn’t chase robbers. He didn’t arrest people. The facts were as bright and as hard as the gleaming cranes of Tilbury. He couldn’t

work.’ She guessed now he was Scandinavian with his near-perfect English. ‘A boat engine?’ ‘Part of a trawler.’ ‘You are a fisherman,’ she suggested. ‘Very good. Almost correct. In fact I am the skipper of a trawler. I’m not going out again until the beginning of next week, so I’m just taking some time to make sure everything is in order. And you are…’ ‘Sam. I’m on holiday here.’ ‘Nils.’ He wiped his hand on his oilskins and then gripped her hand, shook it, his flesh warm and firm. ‘So,

instructions to open it in the event of his death. The envelope turned out to contain notes for his funeral. Sam recalled, with a start, Jim telling her that he had already made his own funeral arrangements. So he hadn’t been joking then. It was, the solicitor observed, quite a coincidence that the letter had arrived shortly before his unexpected and untimely death. Jim; always three moves ahead. Liz had gripped the receiver tightly and calmly asked the solicitor to relay Jim’s wishes. Jim had,

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