Out Of Kentucky Kitchens

Out Of Kentucky Kitchens

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0813193486

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Good food is as much a part of the Kentucky heritage as fine horses and bourbon whiskey. And nowhere is Kentucky's traditional cuisine better presented than in Out of Kentucky Kitchens by Louisville's own Marion Flexner. First published in 1949, the book has been popular with cooks and cookbook collectors ever since.

A highly skilled hand in the kitchen, Marion Flexner compiled a representative gathering of delicious, thoroughly tested recipes of Kentucky specialties, many of them "heirloom" items given to her by friends and acquaintances. Colorful anecdotes about famous Kentuckians, hostesses, and cooks spanning 100 years accompany the recipes, taking the reader on a journey through Kentucky's culinary history and society. With this authentic Kentucky classic, cooks of older and newer generations can once again have a regional culinary guide that is a delight to use and read.

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quarts of water, lemon juice and the empty rinds. Taste and sweeten to your fancy with the sugar syrup. Add a spice bag containing the spices. Let the mixture boil hard, then turn off heat, cover, and let the spices steep. Heat again if necessary, and add the Jamaica rum and arrack. If no arrack can be found, substitute any one of the mild rums—Bacardi, Ronrico, etc. Be sure the bottles of rum and arrack have been warmed before pouring into the heated wine. Remove spice bag. Serve a cinnamon

potatoes Hattie Dick's eggnog sauce stuffed cucumbers Haymarket fresh green pea soup Hazelnut macaroons Heims, Oscar: meat loaf Helen and Kak Leopold's chicken au vin Helen Everhardt's pudding sauce Helen Leopold's chicken surprise Henning, Julia Duke: breaded lamb chops en papillon eggs creole Henry Bane sauce for steaks or roast beef Herb mixture for marmating bear Herbed butter for shrimps de Jonghe Herbed dressing for shake-up salad Herbed wine sauce for quail Hickory nut or

(fresh or canned) Cook soupbone, meat, water, celery, 1 onion, salt and pepper in a covered soup kettle until meat is tender. Strain. Add meat to the stock plus another diced onion, okra cut in slices, green pepper, diced, and fresh or canned tomatoes. Simmer � hour or until vegetables are done. Add more salt and pepper if necessary. Delicious with Skillet Corn Pones and Pecan or Chess Pie. This makes a meal in itself. HAM-BONE SOUP You will want to know about this hearty soup, which dates

STEAKS                      (Quickie!) (4 servings) This is the way you would be served club steaks at the famous Jockey Club restaurant at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. 4 club steaks cut 1 inch thick 1 pod garlic Salt and pepper to taste 2 T butter Melt butter in skillet. Add garlic. Sprinkle steaks with pepper. Sauté in butter for 4 to 6 minutes (depending on how well done you like your steaks) letting first one side brown, then the other. Salt as soon as meat is brown.

the dough tests done with a cake wire or straw or with the fingers—the cooking time is from 25 to 30 minutes. Do not cook too long or the cake will dry out. Loosen edges of cake and turn onto a wire cake rack. Leave until cake falls from pan, or when it is cool, gently remove it. Put layers together and ice with the following: Double Fudge Frosting (uncooked) 4 sq. bitter chocolate (¼ lb.) 2 to 3 T cream, or enough to 4 T butter make the frosting the proper 1 lb. sifted powdered sugar

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