Paddington: The Story of the Movie

Paddington: The Story of the Movie

Jeanne Willis

Language: English

Pages: 50


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the official novelisation of the amazing new movie story. Follow the action and fun as Paddington arrives in London, meets the Brown family and gets involved in lots of exciting adventures. The original story of the movie is retold by the brilliant children's author Jeanne Willis.

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the dazed crook as he wafted past. At that very moment, Judy was gazing out of her classroom window during a boring English lesson. “In A Winter’s Tale, who can complete Shakespeare’s most famous stage direction?” asked the teacher, “Exit pursued by a …?” “Bear!” yelled Judy, seeing a furry figure sailing past with an umbrella. “Very good, Judy … Sit down, Class 9!” called the teacher, as the rest of the pupils got out of their seats to watch the spectacle. The bus screeched to a halt to

hands. Paddington was most impressed with The Geographers’ Guild. It was a grand old building and the receptionist gave them a very warm welcome. “Good morning, gentlemen. Are you members?” she simpered. “No,” said Henry, “but we’re looking for one of your members. I’m afraid we don’t have his name but we do know he went on an expedition you funded to Peru.” “Darkest Peru,” added Paddington. “Lovely,” she said. “Won’t keep you a moment.” The receptionist tapped busily on her computer. She

this marmalade back in the cupboard,” she said. “In case of emergencies.” “Quite,” said Henry. That dawn, Paddington woke on the park bench surrounded by noisy pigeons. Shooing them away, he took the list of M. Clydes out of his suitcase and counted the names; there were 50. It was going to take some time to visit them all, so after a quick bite of sandwich, he set off along the Thames. Reaching the nearest address in just under an hour, he rang the doorbell. A man opened the window, still in

was hard to pronounce, so we only ever called him Raghhhhh,” he growled. Mr Brown threw his keys back in the fruit bowl. Seeing the look on Paddington’s face, Mrs Brown tried to stay positive. “There can’t be many explorers who went to Darkest Peru,” she said. “Maybe we can find him.” “Without a name? I wouldn’t get your hopes up,” said Mr Brown, tapping his watch at Jonathan. “Right, you. Come on. Pyjamas.” Jonathan protested, then pounded up the stairs. “Walk!” bellowed Mr Brown, picking

Seeing Paddington getting into a taxi with the Browns, she zoomed in on the licence plate and noted down the number. “Gotcha!” said Millicent. AS THE SUN rose over Windsor Gardens, Paddington woke to the sound of cooing; the pigeon that had pestered him at the station was watching him through the window. He was about to bang on the glass when a whole flock of them landed on the windowsill. With a startled squeak, Paddington fell off the ceiling beam and on to the floor. Luckily, he was

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