Pierogi: More Than a Book, Less Than a National Taste Guide

Pierogi: More Than a Book, Less Than a National Taste Guide

Aleksandr Slyadnev, Aleksey Shvets

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1522911081

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ukrainian culture is an authentic mixture of ancient Greek traditions, gorgeous Eastern streams and strong Western accents. Either heydays or hard times - no matter - Ukrainian nation always keeps its features, spreading nevertheless an honorable attitude to all the rest.

So it is no wonder we want to share the UNIQUE time and gourmand proven 32 recipes of Ukrainian Pierogi with the others. This simple and universal national dish could be easily adoptable on any kitchen, to any taste.

This is far from being a usual cookbook you might ever buy. You'll rather have a unique national dish guide in your kitchen. And at the same time you'll be really surprised how tasty and up-to-date the recipes are. You'll fall in love and will be addicted to cooking them again and again.

This book could be a great present, unexpected souvenir or a proper investment in your personal cooking skills and knowledge.

All the recipes were created and vitally tested by chef Aleksey Shvets. The shots were styled and performed by Aleksandr Slyadnev. These talented masters have already successfully co-operated under Food&Chief project, electronic and paper food guided and commercial photo sets. With the team of the inspired colleagues they have re-invented the national cuisine literature to become a piece of style and honor.

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and thyme butter. Enjoy the fairy-tale you have just made yourself! Pierogi with Baked Duck Meat and Cranberry-Orange Aromatized Salt Sour and bright, colourful and salty – this dish unites the most contrasting components. And it no doubt ruins the stereotypes. But wait, duck meat as a Pierogi filling? Are you serious? Do not ask any more questions, turn your creativity on, take the fear off – we will tell you the most insightful secrets of the culinary art. Prep time: 12 hours

Cook time: 5-7 minutes Serves: 4 portions Ingredients: 500g previously made dough (choose the one we have told you about) For the salt: 300g cranberry (better fresh) 2 oranges (the peels) 200g good salt For the feeling: 1kg duck 3-4 pcs onions (red or white to your taste) Salt and white pepper Olive oil Instructions: Get ready for a real wonder! The salt, salt story: Heat the oven to 75°C. Cover the pan with the baking paper. Clean and dry the cranberries and oranges.

culinary story about old eastern dish made of chickpea. You can sell your soul for well-cooked Hummus. Dish perfectly combines benefits, flavor and simple cooking process. Different and easy recipes in the book will be interesting for those who has cooked and tried hummus, and also for those, who hasn’t. Traditional opinion is that hummus is a cold appetizer. Authors of the book will bust a myth. Only several additional ingredients and hummus turns into main dish. Eastern Cuisine is full of

food-styling. Second day is only practice. You can subscribe to my Photo School and get the news about future workshops in your city or you can help me to organize workshop, just write to studio@slyadnev.com Program: Theoretic part: – Kinds of photographic technique and want you need to gather for shooting. – Work with shot. Technique of getting the information by photo. – Philisophy of shot. How to make a picture in the way you want to eat it. – Basis of food-styling. What

fingers to form a crescent. Put about a dozen of Pierogi in the boiling salty water and stir once easily to loosen them. Let them boil until they float to the top of the pot and then for one more minute. The actual cooking time depends on the size and the thickness of the dough. Dress the cooked Pierogi with the sour cream and enjoy the meal! Pierogy with Mushrooms and Potatoes Mushrooms are real secret keepers. They even form a separate class in biology, as if to underline

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