Power Play (Petaybee, Book 3)

Power Play (Petaybee, Book 3)

Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0345387813

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Petaybee was growing up. Day by day, the sentient planet--like any child--was learning to recognize and understand the meaning of outside stimuli, to respond to those stimuli, to communicate its own needs and desires...even to use human speech.
Yanaba Maddock had appointed herself defender of her adopted planet, and she had even succeeded in proving its sentience to all the nonbelievers. But despite all her efforts, few outsiders truly cared for the feelings and intelligence of what they perceived to be a giant hunk of rock--or a mere oddity to be gawked at.
Then Yana was kidnapped. The price of her freedom--the planet itself.
But the only one who could speak for Petaybee was Petaybee--and no one knew what a living planet could do once it found its voice...

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ignorant. They’d know in Kilcoole. Except it’s almost night now and it’ll be dark before we can get there and I’m afraid I’m too stupid to find my way in the dark.” “Kilcoole? That’s where the government is supposed to be,” the woman called Portia said. “How far is it?” “Many klicks,” ’Cita said after trying to figure out how to explain distances on Petaybee. “Coaxtl, where can I take them to spend the night?” she asked while they argued among themselves. But the big cat didn’t answer. She was

the SpaceBase control tower, so you can trace any drops they might make before that injunction is served. We gotta find them first.” Whit made a noise of total disgust and annoyance at the obstacles. “We don’t need any of this right now!” “Precisely why we have it,” Sean said bitterly. “Can you spare Johnny to watch the screen?” Whittaker shook his head regretfully. “Much as I’d like to, he’s far more useful elsewhere than sitting on his duff looking at a screen for hours on end.” “Yeah.”

a distance from the nearest community . . .” “Only the exact distance wasn’t specified.” “That’s it. Had I known what I know now . . .” “Tell me, Una, exactly what were you told and by whom?” She paused, organizing her thoughts: Sean had discovered that organization was her strong suit. “Well, first there was the bulletin about Petaybee being a sentient planet. So I tagged the word on my terminal for any further information, knowing, you see, that some of my family had been sent here.

aunt’s left toenail!” She swung away from the desk and began pacing. “My instruments registered the original Mayday from both Madame Algemeine and the colonel. I followed them to Cargo Bay 30—” “And followed the shuttle . . .” “So I did, but the shuttle seemed the obvious escape vehicle . . . and we were going so fast . . . My implant returns only life-sign readings past a certain distance.” Charas shook her head: they all had been sure the shuttle had the victims. “But the signal from the

And the air in the hall also was fragrant with scents he only barely remembered from his childhood. This meeting was really only a formality, and Farringer Ball whacked the gavel that made the whole thing right and tight in just under an hour and a half, the admiral-general noted. Then the formal meeting was thrown open to specially invited guests, and an assortment of finger foods and a local drink called “blurry” were handed round in celebration. The “invited” seemed to be everyone on the

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