Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara

Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara

Daisy Piper

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1461006384

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Despite her highly abnormal name, Calandria Arabella Philomena Louisa Anastasia Richards tries very hard to fly under the radar. So she knows her life has gone crazy when she passes a note to her best friend: “Lewis—something strange happened to me this morning. I got a message in my Alpha Bits that said I was a princess and I had to help this place called Albion in their fight against an evil queen. C. P.S. Dad says you can come for pizza tonight." On her quest to stop a bloodthirsty queen, Callie will have to steer a near-sighted dragon, decipher an ancient riddle, and learn to command a tiara that talks back! And to save this magical world she only just discovered, Callie must risk more than she ever thought possible...

Regenesis (Unionside, Book 3)

Empire's End (Sten, Book 8)

Knight of the Blazing Sun (Warhammer)

All Hallows' Moon (Season of the Moon, Book 2)




















cellar,” Lewis said. “My parents never mentioned a cellar. Mom used to come out here all the time to do her gardening. You’d think she would have said something if she’d found it.” Lewis jiggled the handle a few times, but the door wouldn’t open. “It’s locked.” Callie shone the flashlight on the door. Sure enough, under the ring, there was an iron keyhole. “The key will open the magic door…” she said, quoting the poem. Callie sat back on her heels and slipped the diamond necklace over her

Wanda followed the queen up the grand steps. Queen Miranda raised her arms and made a sweeping motion. The huge wooden doors--which had to be twenty feet tall and probably six feet thick--opened as if by magic. Wanda knew that at this point, most other kids would decide it was time to go home, but Wanda Morris was not like most other kids. She did not want to go home. She wanted to see more. The whole thing intrigued her. She sensed something powerful and she wanted it--whatever it was--for

else. Someone else is back there spying on us!” Lewis looked at her. “You mean, there might be a secret passageway?” When Callie nodded, he said, “Cool!” “We’ve got to find the entrance. Come on.” Finally back on the same wave length, they walked slowly across the floor of the library to the opposite wall where the Royal Clock hung. As they came closer, the eyes kept following them. Then all of a sudden, they stopped. “Look!” Callie said pointing. Lady Rathmore’s eyes once again stared back

of her…. Wanda and the Raven Queen were laughing. It was too much to bear. Anger and sadness swelled in her heart as Callie clutched Lewis’s hand. “I hope he wakes up,” Wanda said, conspiratorially to the Raven Queen. “It won’t be as much fun to throw him into the volcano if he’s not awake.” Callie’s blood halted in her veins. Volcano? The Raven Queen looked down at Lewis with mock concern. “Yes, it is true what my daughter says. The Cave of Eos would be known in your world as a volcano.

life. Callie had no idea if he would survive. Or if she would. But it was much too late now. They couldn’t go back. Chapter Eighteen The Cave of Eos Callie shielded her eyes from the fiery orange light as they traveled further and further into the cave. Wanda and the Raven Queen followed behind them, in a flying chariot propelled by more enchanted black ravens. The cave grew hotter and hotter, and a foul smell came from somewhere up ahead. Callie gulped as she saw their destination.

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