Princess Charm School (Barbie) (Pictureback(R))

Princess Charm School (Barbie) (Pictureback(R))

Language: English

Pages: 16

ISBN: 0375873627

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This full-color 8 x 8 storybook is based on Barbie's latest direct-to-DVD movie, Barbie(TM): Princess Prep School. Plus girls 3-7 will love that over 30 stickers are included.

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BARBIE and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel, Inc. Copyright © 2011 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Published in the United States by Golden Books, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, a division of Random House, Inc., 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, and in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto. No part of this book may be reproduced or copied in any form without permission from the copyright owner.

“The crown is mine, Blair. You’ll never be more than a poor lottery girl.” Dame Devin grabbed the crown—and locked the girls in the vault! Nothing was going to stop the girls from getting Blair to the coronation ceremony! Isla hummed the tune of the vault combination. Then the girls typed it into the keypad. They were free! Just as Delancy was going to be crowned Princess of Gardania, Blair and her friends burst through the doors. “Wait!” Blair cried. Dame Devin snarled, “No! Do not

wait!” “I am Princess Sophia, daughter of Queen Isabella!” declared Blair. Dame Devin grabbed the Magical Crown and tried to put it on Delancy’s head, but Grace and the other magical sprites tripped her. The crown went flying! Luckily, the sprites caught the crown and brought it to Blair. Everyone held their breath as the crown was placed on Blair’s head. The crown began to glow brighter and brighter, and Blair’s dress was magically transformed into a beautiful royal gown. Blair really was

apartment on the outskirts of Gardania, a lovely waitress named Blair couldn’t believe her luck. Her foster sister, Emily, had entered her into the Princess Charm School Contest for the chance to train to be a Lady Royal—and Blair had won! Blair knew that if she became a Lady Royal, she could provide a better life for her foster mother and sister. So she decided to go. When Blair arrived at Princess Charm School, she was greeted by Headmistress Privet. The headmistress gave Blair a new

idea. With the help of their personal princess assistants, the girls fashioned new, stylish uniforms out of the torn ones. The girls raced to class and made it just in time! All their classmates oohed and aahed over their fabulous outfits. Even Headmistress Privet was pleased with the stylish new uniforms. Delancy, however, was jealous and vowed to find a way to get Blair kicked out of Princess Charm School. A few days later, in Gardania’s royal palace, Blair and her friends stumbled upon a

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