Ravenshade (Tales of Alterra, the World that Is #3): (Elfhunter Trilogy) (Volume 3)

Ravenshade (Tales of Alterra, the World that Is #3): (Elfhunter Trilogy) (Volume 3)

C.S. Marks

Language: English

Pages: 584

ISBN: 0991235126

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

No war truly ends with the last battle... Gorgon Elfhunter–defeated, disheartened, desperate–has never given himself over to the will of another. Gaelen Taldin–reluctant Elven warrior–fights to save her sanity, her people, and her world. Lord Kotos–Persuader, Beguiler, Deceiver–ancient and deadly agent of a greater evil, faces what may be his most daunting challenge. In the final chapter of the Elfhunter trilogy, fate turns on the outcome of a cunning gambit as old as Evil itself. When arrogance blinds perception When obsession conquers reason When the urge to kill is stronger than the will to live... ...who is the real enemy? The final battle is within.

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through Gaelen’s eyes into the face of the Enemy, his grey eyes meeting those of the Black Flame. You cannot withstand the power of the High King! he said in a deep, thundering voice, causing Gorgon to reel back from him. There is but a vestige of the Dark One within you, but you face the full wrath and strength of the most ancient Lightbearers! You cannot stand against me, Dark Horror. Gorgon knew in his heart that it was so, as the image of Lord Wrothgar flickered and faded. Ri-Elathan’s

opportunity,” said Gaelen, whispering in Elvish. Azori and Estle glowered at her as Rogond translated. “I cannot tell you how hopeless that notion is at this moment,” said Azori in a low voice. “We must remain here, at least for now, and try to ingratiate ourselves. Tansy won’t kill us so long as she finds us interesting. If I am any judge, she has already shown interest in Galador.” “I beg your pardon?” said Galador. “I do not need to understand Elvish, and you do not need an explanation for

Despite your warnings, I believe we stand a better chance of dealing with him.”  “I am not so certain,” said Rogond, looking into the eyes of the Lady. He had not heard of the horrific, torturous images sent to Gaelen until now. “We shall suspend the council until all have rested and refreshed themselves,” said Arialde. “Do not share these matters with anyone outside this chamber in the meantime. I will recall you in a few hours.” Arialde knew that food, drink, and rest would lift everyone’s

desperate cries of grief and agony, and the wailing of many Elven voices, until all were silenced. Gorgon had never beheld anything so satisfying. His eyes glittered with ravenous expectation as he looked into the eyes of Lord Kotos, the Deceiver. “How may I see this wonderful vision come to pass?” he asked. “Whatever it is, I will do it. Please enlighten me, for the hunger to see this fate visited on the Elves has nearly consumed me.” “We shall see how willing you are when your role in the

Carmyn was shocked to see the three Elves, Rogond, Hallagond, and Estle emerge as though from nowhere. They had been well concealed. The Company allowed their guest to eat and drink before questioning her again. She turned to Fima. “Well, Master, you left before I could get everything ready to accompany you. I didn’t even have the chance to ask permission, but I’m asking now—I want to travel with you, to see the northern lands and record them. Most of all, I don’t wish to leave you…I want to

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