Rebellion (Starbounders, Book 2)

Rebellion (Starbounders, Book 2)

Adam Jay Epstein, Andrew Jacobson

Language: English

Pages: 115

ISBN: 2:00352066

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Zachary Night and the Starbounders are back, in the sci-fi adventure series Pseudonymous Bosch calls "a great ride and a great read," from Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson, authors of the Familiars series.

Zachary Night may have saved Earth, but back at Indigo 8, he's still just a Starbounder-in-training. And unlike his fellow trainees, who are having a blast gearing up for the annual Indigo Games, Zachary has more important things on his mind. He has yet to decipher the cryptic warning Professor Olari left him, and it looks like someone is trying to beat him to it.

When all the clues start pointing to a larger conspiracy, Zachary and his friends must once again leave Indigo 8 behind and take matters into their own hands. Their investigation will lead them through the far reaches of space, and it will test their friendship, too. And, oh yeah, did they mention the fate of the outerverse hangs in the balance?

With the "winning combination of action and humor" (SLJ, starred review) that earned The Familiars an Indie Next List Pick and eight state-award nominations, Starbounders: Rebellion catapults readers out of this world and onto a deep-space journey that's thrilling from beginning to end.

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She leaned toward the flight deck control panel and replied with her own series of whistles. Whatever she had communicated, it seemed to do the trick. Immediately the black surface cracked open, revealing the hangar within. Zachary piloted the sledge inside and found an empty docking space on which to land. “Welcome to the Fringg Galaxy Void Market,” a robotic voice intoned over the lang-link. “We are not liable for any of the products or services supplied here.” It was the same way they’d

“I’m not sure what you said to Skold earlier to change his mind, but thank you,” Zachary said to Skold’s wife. “I told him we’re thieves, not murderers,” she replied. “If there was a way to help prevent harm to our fellow brothers and sisters around the galaxy, it was our duty to do so.” Then her friendly smile turned cold. “And once he’s done helping you, you’re going to get him immunity for his latest crime.” Zachary had been curious what this seemingly genteel creature saw in Skold, but now

lab as the scientists ducked under their desks and worktables. All around Zachary, laboratory equipment was being shot to pieces. “They must have been watching the Quad,” Zachary said. “Waiting for someone like us to come asking questions.” “Well, we’re sitting ducks in here,” Skold replied, crawling toward the exit. The others followed behind as more bursts came hailing overhead. Once they made it to the door, Skold held up a hand and stopped them. He reached into the utility compartment

used his fingernail to open it. Inside was a pair of dog tags on a chain with the name IO MECH inscribed on them, along with a typed letter. He read it to himself. I know what you’ve just been through, and I know it probably seems impossible to believe that the outerverse could be in jeopardy again. But it very much is. You need to go to the Galactic Bank. A safety deposit box will be waiting there in your name, and only your retinal scan will open it. The rest of your instructions will be

The group hurried back to the landing at B-37, where the open platform waited. They got on board and Zachary stated, “Main level,” sending the inclinator rising rapidly. “Who would be interested in Professor Olari’s stuff besides someone who knew about his secrets?” Kaylee asked. “I don’t know, but whoever it was had the key for that storage unit,” Zachary said. The platform came to a halt at the foyer level of the Ulam and the four young Starbounders got off, rushing for the exit. Before they

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