Resisting Nudities: A Study in the Aesthetics of Eroticism

Resisting Nudities: A Study in the Aesthetics of Eroticism

Florence Dee Boodakian

Language: English

Pages: 108


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This provocative book re-conceives the erotic and its imaginative manifestations as an aesthetic ultimately driven by the disruption of desire. Critical, philosophical, and erotic texts construct a framework for understanding the aesthetics of eroticism including a resisting nude grounded in a theory of absence and the psychosocial dynamic of physical and mental surveillance. Resisting Nudities offers a necessary link between the poetry of jouissance and the revolt of body and mind intrinsic to the erotic, at a key moment in our contemporary cultural landscape. Written through a poetic lens, it is a creative new analysis of what George Bataille called the most intense of human moments.

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Eroticism and Literature and Evil, in France, in 1957 by Les Editions de Minuit and Editions Gallimard respectively mark a convergence that I would make note of here, in addition to Jean Luc Nancy’s later work, “Making Poetry” in Muses II first published as “Faire, la poésie”, in Nous avons voué vie a des signes1 that come together to demonstrate the erotic as a cerebral dance played out by the senses. The erotic is established through the intersection of sense and imagination, and in both this

of sybaritism? Or are they a new way to rethink the social, the personal and even the political in a secular, post-modern world that has, at least in much of Western Europe, abandoned its reliance on grand narratives.21 I would argue that the kind of difference that becomes self-evident in the poesis making parallel above precludes tossing all distinctions aside; however, they must be reconsidered in light of the contemporary moment. Boodakian.indd Sec1:46 4/23/08 8:15:47 AM Hours pass, one or

(California: Stanford University Press, 2005), p. 305. George Bataille, Literature and Evil, trans., Alastair Hamilton, (London: Marion Boyars Publishers, Ltd., 2001), p.16. Ibid., p.119. Conclusion 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Boodakian.indd Sec1:98 Jacques Derrida, On Touching: Jean-Luc Nancy, trans. Christine Irizarry (California: Stanford University, 2005), p.47. Ibid. Georges Bataille, Eroticism, trans. Mary Dalwood (London: Marion Boyars Publishers, Ltd., 2006), p.268. Julia Kristeva. Revolt, She

and the visibility Boodakian.indd Sec1:14 4/23/08 8:15:46 AM The Resisting Nude 15 of the nude based on this notion of the liberties granted in a free society. That is, the free democratic society erects itself as a barrier to the nude body and this will later contribute to the impossibility of the erotic in such a place. In addition, in some cultures, the repeated attempts to cover up the nude body, especially the genitals turns the culturally constituted gaze into something more dangerous,

paramount in the kiss where the locus of sensation and ultimately of the pleasure remains unidentifiable. It is in this unidentifiable space that thought, mentation slithers in bouncing off of everything and nothing. I will turn to Nancy’s description of self-touch you to situate the unique positioning of the kiss. To self-touch you (and not “oneself”) [ Se toucher toi (et non “soi”]-or again, identically, to self-touch skin (and not “oneself”): such is the thinking that the body always forces to

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