Ruth, A Portrait: The story of Ruth Bell Graham

Ruth, A Portrait: The story of Ruth Bell Graham

Patricia Cornwell

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0385489005

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ruth Bell Graham is known as the wife of evangelist Billy Graham. It was Ruth who influenced Billy, as his most trusted life-partner. In Ruth, a Portrait, we meet this fascinating and remarkable woman. Brimming with anecdotes, this is a breathtaking journey, with stops at many of this century's epoch-making events.

The childhood years of the future Mrs. Billy Graham were spent light-years away--in the China of the 1920s and 1930s. The daughter of medical missionaries, she and her family were caught in a crucible of unspeakable hardship; in addition to pestilence and plague, there was the unstable political and military turmoil surrounding the Nationalist government, the Communists, and the Japanese invaders. These hazardous realities shaped Ruth Bell and her family, a family inured to difficulties, but buoyed up by their deep belief in God's abiding will.

Virtually raised by the Grahams, the author is a repository of Ruth Bell Graham's stories and has seen firsthand the spirit of this courageous woman. Patricia Cornwell not only gives readers a full, rounded, and intimate portrait of Ruth Bell Graham, but also insight into the life of the Graham family and particularly Billy Graham.

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the middle of the masses and invisible. The pathos, the motion interested her. Anonymous, she became animated like a child. She became pensive and reverent, relieved to keep her public self folded up and in her pocket like a dime-store rain bonnet. “And if people start recognizing me after this book,” she let me know in 1981 when this research began, “I’m going to dye my hair and move to Europe.” Not long before she made this threat, on a January morning, I telephoned to ask if I could drive up

Presbyterian Church. Inside, clematis draped from windowsills and the altar, mountain laurel banked the stone platform, and white candles sputtered quietly. Two hundred and fifty guests, mainly missionary friends, sat in hard wooden pews. Ruth waited just outside the sanctuary, elegant in a homemade gown of white satin and a long veil of point d’esprit. Her white satin cap was shaped like a dogwood blossom and quilted in pearls. She carried a bouquet of painted daisies and tuberoses, and moved

centuries, when the family baking and cooking were done over the fire. The fireplace in Billy’s bedroom unfortunately smoked the first time he came home and saw what his wife had done. All but the frame of the new house was built of old wood, most from log cabins Ruth discovered in the mountains. Dressed in blue jeans and an army jacket, she drove her jeep through western North Carolina, stopping at gas stations to leave her telephone number with attendants in the event they heard of cabins for

spent the noisy night hours stretching out and tucking their legs as they vacillated between being cramped and being cold. They disembarked at the Qingjiang quay and were surrounded by bartering rickshaw coolies tugging at their baggage to the shrill music of foreign tongues. Women nursing infants eyed the Americans with mild suspicion, and other Chinese squatted on the shore washing rice in the filthy water. The 170-bed Qingjiang General Hospital had been built two years earlier by Dr. James

from the drive, clad in his navy blazer and gray slacks, lank and smiling. The ache in her heart was overwhelming, and as she flew home alone she could not really recognize that her life, her role, had forever changed. Felsted was to be a rather cruel experience for Ned, more wretched than his mother had imagined. He soon discovered that academically he was three years behind the other boys his age, deepening the very discouragement his family had sent him there to overcome, and he was

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